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Celebrating a four day weekend: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it is a Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You on a Thursday. Because it’s kind of a Friday really isn’t it? Only a few hours until the best weekend of the year. Yep, I’m calling it, it’s better than Christmas. You try and sit in a pub garden at 7pm on Christmas Day and tell me how you get on. This time of year the days are long, the sun is (sometimes) out and you don’t have to spend all your money buying presents and all your time with your extended family. Perfect.

Whatever you are doing over the next four days, have a super Easter and see you next week.


Two eggcellent opportunities

I don’t know what your life goals are. I’m sorry.  But if your ambitions include working as a National Programme Manager at the School for Social Entrepreneurs then I can help you to achieve them. I can’t take a very active role, but I can point you in the direction of the page on our website on which we are currently advertising the vacancy. The job pays  £37,085 – £40,775 and the deadline to apply is 9am on Tuesday.

Apply from a pub beer garden if you like

Or, if you’d rather work in the rather more beautiful setting of the Dartington estate near Totnes you could apply to be SSE Dartington’s new ERDF Operations Manager. It’s a part time fixed term role until December – you’ll take responsibility for financial and output reporting, claims processing and compliance during the final delivery and close down period of two ERDF funded programmes in 2019.

Apply by 29th April

South by Southwest

Let’s stay in Dartington because there is a lot going on there. Learning manager Chloe Tingle has written ‘five steps to combat loneliness as a social entrepreneur‘ based on her own experiences running social enterprise No More Taboo.

The school also have three new programmes on offer:

Full circle

SSE Fellow Turly Humphreys had an excellent article written about her and her organisation Circle Collective on the Big Issue website this week. Circle Collective is a social enterprise breaking down the barriers preventing young people from entering employment and recently held its annual graduation event in Lewisham shopping centre. Over the past year, Circle Collective has over 180 young people into employment, and the event was a chance for them all to celebrate their success.  All of these young people benefited from Circle’s ‘Get Employed’ programme, where they received 1:1 coaching, attended CV workshops and employability skills training and gained first-hand work experience shifts in Circle’s two streetwear stores.

You can watch a video from the graduation here

Local news part one

Very much the ‘and now the news in your area’ part of the newsletter but only if your area happens to be south east London. Our nearby neighbours Southwark Council are developing the Southwark Pioneers Fund, ‘intended to increase inclusive growth by supporting the start-up and scale-up of commercial and social enterprises (including revenue-generating charities)’. They are looking to capture the views of organisations in the borough with up to 50 employees to help shape the fund.

You can complete an online survey here (until 19th April)

Local news part two

If you are based in Southwark or Lambeth and your organisation is tackling childhood obesity or long-term health conditions you could be eligible for our new programme with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity. On offer is a Match Trading grant of up to £10,000 and a learning programme for leaders; we’ll support you to increase your income from trading and become more impactful.

Find out more here

Local news part three 

Non London readers stick with me, we’re going to head out of the capital soon. Londoners, here’s another one for you: creatives, community groups and placemakers are invited to the scoping session for a Creative Community Placemakers Network in Brixton on April 30th. The session is being run by social enterprise Global Urban Design who ‘aim to bring together Creatives, Communities and Placemakers over a programme of events to foster: skills and knowledge transfer, to build trust, foster relationship and provide community access to various specialists with an interest in empowering communities in Creative Placemaking, and together launch a Creative Community Placemakers Network’.

Find out more 

Digital love

The Skoll World Forum took place in Oxford the other week and as usual faced some (perhaps justifiable) criticism that it’s too expensive / exclusive / doesn’t involve enough social entrepreneurs. So it’s good to see that they are going to be making a whole load of the content available online for free – ‘you’ll hear from visionary leaders across sectors, social entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives on what it takes to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems’.

Sign up here

Four letter word

Nothing quite says ‘right it’s a four day weekend so let’s get this party started’ like the acronym ‘GDPR’. The mere mention is usually enough to lead to an outbreak of spontaneous singing and dancing at SSE HQ. So you can imagine the carnival like atmosphere when we realised that then Institute of Fundraising had published ‘GDPR: what we didn’t know last year’, a refreshed version of their GDPR guidance for charities.

You can read it here


What are you up to on Thursday 9th May? We need your help. Come and join us for the very first Vision Pitch Event for the Future Communities Programme, supported by Linklaters and hosted at their HQ We are looking for change makers, influencers and anyone who can offer their support to help change someone’s future in 3 minutes; we aren’t asking for your money but something arguably more valuable…your time, networks and expertise to help us give these individuals the opportunity to create a lasting impact. If you enjoy taking action and helping others succeed then this is for you. It should be a really fun evening.

Book a place here

A laughing matter

Every year SSE Fellow Jem Stein organises Jokes and Spokes, a comedy fundraiser for his social enterprise The Bike Project, and every year the line up gets better and better. On June 11th you can treat yourself to sets from Ed Byrne, Nish Kumar, Jen Brister and Deborah Frances-White. The event takes place at the Union Chapel in Islington.

Book a ticket here

Last but not least

Finally, social enterprise Fat Macy’s are looking for a Marketing and Business Development officer to shape the vision of the Fat Macy’s business. Fat Macy’s trains aspiring chefs to serve up food with heart, creating a recipe that helps young
Londoners make the journey from hostel to home. It’s a part time role (1-2 days per week).

Apply by 26th April

Pop-tastic: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Last Saturday I was on a 40th birthday night out in Norwich, during which I learned three important lessons.

1. Norwich is a lot further from London than you initially might think. It’s actually quicker to get a train from my house in south east London to Brussels than it is to get to Norwich.

2. It is now impossible to be in a social situation and avoid people talking about Brexit. Whereas pub chat a few years ago would be something along the lines of “no, it’s too early for jagerbombs and there’s no way I’m having tequila” you’re now more likely to have a conversation about the indicative vote process, which will in turn lead you to deciding that it’s just the right time for a jagerbomb and you certainly will be having a tequila.

3. At 38 years old I’m too old to be heading to 90s themed pop nightclubs until gone 2am. Anyone who saw me staggering towards Norwich station on Sunday would have assumed I was involved in some sort of 28 Days Later re-enactment. Still, a 90s themed pop nightclub does provide a loose song-based them for this newsletter so here we go…


All ‘Bout the Money (by Meja, released 1998)

The chorus of this song is “it’s all about the money, it’s all ’bout the dun dun do do do dumb” which makes about as much sense as I did by about 4pm last Saturday. Fortunately, the good people at Paul Hamlyn Foundation are rather more coherent in communicating their new Shared Ground Fund, which supports organisations to explore opportunities and address challenges in the area of migration and integration.

Two funding levels are available – ‘Explore and Test’ offering grants of up to £60,000 and More and Better offering grants of £100,000 – £300,000 (or even £400,000 if you really nail that application form).

All the details here

You Oughta Know (Alanis Morisette, 1995)

If you are going to pop in a bid to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation you really should make sure that you’re giving yourself the best chance. And how can you do that? By coming on our Fundraising from Trusts and Foundations course in London next Wednesday. After all, knowledge is power.

Book a place here

What’s Up? (4 Non Blondes, 1992)

“What’s up Dave?” asked my colleague Amy Barbor the other day.

“Not much”, I replied, “just doing the usual and working really hard and not messing around at all. What’s up with you?”

“Well Dave, I’ve just written a blog about how ‘nice progressive white people’ need to challenge themselves to make the social sector more inclusive. Would you like to read it?”

I confirmed that I would and asked Amy to send it to me, so she sent me this link to it on our website. It’s a really thought provoking piece.

Around the World (Daft Punk, 1997)

It’s quite difficult to find songs about computers and the internet from the 1990s. Did we have computers back then? It’s so long ago it’s all a bit of a blur…I thought Daft Punk might be a good bet but they didn’t start banging on about technology until well into the mid 2000s. So the tenuous link here is that the Third Sector Digital Leaders webinar series that we’ve done with Zoe Amar is now over and I’ve popped all the videos on our website. Which you can access from around the world.

Watch them from the beach next time you’re on holiday

I’ve Got Something to Say (Reef, 1999)

Reef, of course, famously hail from the west country; Somerset to be exact. If they decided to put down their guitars (they still tour, I saw them last year) they could decide to sign up to the Somerset Development Programme. It’s a new free programme of support delivered by SSE Dartington in Taunton between June and September 2019. The course is aimed at social enterprises that are incorporated or plan to be by the start of the programme – priority will be given to applications from Somerset.

Further info here

Tellin’ Stories (The Charlatans, 1997)

“I’ll be there in the mornin’, can’t you see I’m tellin’ stories” crooned The Charlatans, a band who appear to have a severe aversion to the letter ‘g’. Also hopin’ to tell more stories is SSE Fellow Jude Habib, who is runnin’ a crowdfundin’ campaign to create a network of media savvy storytellers led by people with direct experience of some of the biggest issues facing our society today. The aim is to create a more diverse media which reflects the views and ideas of a wider cross section of society.

You can find out more and back the campaign here

One Week (Barenaked Ladies, 1998)

That’s about the length of time you’ll need to commit if you want to read all of Charity Comms’ absolutely mammoth guide to innovation. It’s great, particularly if you love buzzwords: blockchain – check, iterative – check, ideation – check. You get my point.

Read the report here

We like to Party (Venga Boys,1998)

If the Venga Boys still like to party and they happen to be in London on April 11th they might want to head to Kensington for Resurgo’s second Ventures Showcase, an opportunity to cheer on your favourite of six social impact ventures as they vie for a top prize. Wine and canapés will abound, apparently, which is always a good thing.

You can get £5 off by using the code ‘Showcase.2019’ when making your booking.

Which you can do here

No Limits (2 Unlimited, 1993)

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no ,no ,no, no there’s no limit at Untld, who have just launched ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like..?’ a new podcast for anyone concerned with the big problems facing society. Milly Chowles is traveling around the UK meeting ‘ leaders of social change who have created ‘business for good’ ventures, working on a local or national scale’.

Find out more here

King of My Castle (Wamdue Project, 1998)

You could make the newly launched SSE Hub Dartington your castle if you are looking for a new place to work from. If you need workspace or would like to work in an inspiring place where you can meet other businesses you should check it out. There are a range of packages available, starting from £20 a month (if you buy by 31st March).

Take a look here

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What’s on at SSE:


Another thing Theresa has ruined: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

In a rare moment of forward planning, sometime ago I marked in my diary that today was one week until Brexit. I had a cracker of a newsletter lined up (you’ll have to trust me on that); we may have been hurtling out of the EU but Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You was going to be the tonic needed to bring the country together again (again, you’ll just have to believe me). But once again our politicians have managed to mess everything up and so you’ll just have to make do with this for now. Don’t blame me, blame that mob in Westminster trying to do their best to ruin the country.

There’s a lot of good stuff in here this week, enjoy…


Tick tock

The deadline for our Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland programme is next Wednesday (27th) at midday. On offer is a grant and a free SSE learning programme and there are three levels available: start up, trade up and scale up. You’ve still got time to get the application submitted…

Further details here

Through the keyhole

If you’re interested in seeing what the blinds in my loft look like you should check out our Fundraising, Business Development and Partnerships webinar from earlier this week, which saw Zoe Amar and Mandy Johnson discussing some of the key issues charities face when fundraising online. We also hosted an excellent webinar with Jim Bowes, CEO of Manifesto Digital, sharing his thoughts on organisational change.

We’ve got two further webinars scheduled next week: you can sign up to those and find details of the previous recordings here.

A change will do you good

Paul Hamlyn Foundation have opened the Act For Change fund, a £3.6 million partnership for organisations supporting young people working for change. Grants of between grants of between £20,000 and £100,000 are available to organisations with an annual income ranging from £25,000 to £5 million.

All the details you need are here


Now this is a pretty cool opportunity; Maze-X is a new impact accelerator based in Lisbon and inviting 10 ‘impact tech-based’ to apply for a three month programme which starts in May. You’ll receive a 7,500 EUR stipend  (which will be the equivalent of about £3,000,000 in the post Brexit economy), access to corporate pilot opportunities and support from a network of expert mentors and a dedicated team.

You need to apply by 25th March

Oo ah India

Portugal not exotic enough for you? Impact Journey are launching a social enterprise accelerator in India for UK students, graduates and young professionals. There are two and four week programmes available and they are looking for individuals who want to learn more about the social enterprise space in India whilst also providing the opportunity to work on their own personal development, develop their skills, gain work experience and immerse themselves in a new culture.

One place is up for grabs for free as part of a competition they are running.

Details here 

Third time’s a charm

It’s a good week for fans of accelerator programmes, because here’s third one: The Collective London Accelerator is a free twelve week programme for social entrepreneurs who build connected communities in London. It’s open to social entrepreneurs operating in one of the following areas: health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, economic opportunity or social intergration.

Applications are open until April 17th

Open to all

My colleagues have been busy putting fingers to keyboard and blogging on the subject of inclusivity. First up, learning manager Nils Bucknell has written about how we have adapted the recuritment process for applicant to our Fellowship programme in London to help us discover entrepreneurial traits in a more inclusive way.

Next up, our network manager Emily Vermont has put together a great blog about how organisationa can be more inclusive when recruiting new members of staff. It’s packed full of useful tools and resources.

The only way is…

Social enterprise, according to the Essex Social Enterprise Network. They are hosting a free event in Chelmsford on April 24th at Anglia Ruskin University. It’s an opporturnity to meet other social enterprises, hear from exciting speakers and think about what you want from the network in the next 12 months…

Sign up here


Also free and also in April is the 2019 Enactus UK National Expo, a chance for a select group of business, student and academic leaders from across the country to gather together to showcase how entrepreneurial action and shared innovation is transforming lives and creating a better future. The event runs in London on 8th and 9th April and keynote speakers include social entrepreneur Liam Black and Ceila Hodson of Hey Girls.

The deadline to register is today

Posts vacant

A couple of jobs that could be of interest:

SSE Felllow Jerry During is looking for a part time Specialist Money Coach (Team Supervisor) for his organisation Money A+E, a social enterprise that provides simple and accessible money advice and education to people in need. The role is based in London and they are looking for an experienced specialist money adviser / case worker with at least two years’ experience. More info here.

Expert Impact are looking for a Head of Communication & Community to help take their mentoring programme for social entrepreneurs international. Expert Impact are based in Holborn, London but they ‘enthusiastically support remote and
flexible working.’ More info here.

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What’s on at SSE:

Disregarding tips for success: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Every now and again I’ll be ‘working’ on Twitter and a certain type of article will appear in my news feed. ‘Waking Up Early Really Is the Secret To Being Successful‘ is one example from earlier this week. ‘7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Before Going To Bed‘ is another. Every time, I’ll think ‘could be useful for the newsletter’, knowing it wont be but I’ll have a quick look.

Careful assessment has taught me that these articles are generally written by lunatics. Take the example of getting up at 5am. By chance, I was up at 5am on Wednesday because my son needed to blow his nose (apparently this requires my help. I don’t actually contribute anything but he thinks that I am vital to the process). Because I was now wide awake I thought I might as well not bother going back to bed. What happened? By 8.30am I was exhausted, by midday I’d had about nine cups of coffee and by 4pm I was practically hallucinating.

So that’s why those types of articles don’t feature in this newsletter. But plenty of others do, so let’s crack on with the news…


Ta da

We’ve opened applications to our Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland Social Entrepreneurs Programme. We can help you at all stages: whether you have just an idea, you’re already up-and-running, or you’re ready to scale. On offer is a grant and a twelve month learning programme, available at various locations in England and Scotland. The deadline to apply is Wednesday 27th March.

Everything you need to know is here


Calling all social enterprise caterers: training organisation Happy are looking for innovative and inspiring catering outfits to provide lunches to participants on their courses. They are based in Aldgate, London and you’d be providing lunches to about 160 people per week. The annual contract value is about £45k. They are open to food suggestions but would like to avoid sandwiches.

Contact if you’d like further information.

Wish you were here

Looking for a midweek break in April? Let me draw your attention to the City of Dreaming Spires and my hometown, Oxford. Located less than an hour from London and Birmingham, Oxford offers a whole host of reasons to visit: the world class museums, the best pubs in the country (to anyone who disagrees I’m happy to kill some time and debate you on Twitter) and, for the foodies among you, some of the finest kebab vans in the land. If you happen to book your stay between 9th and 12th April 2019 you can also attend Marmalade, the informal, dynamic, free and open-access fringe event to the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.

It’s always well worth attending. You can find out more here.

To Hull and back

Founder of social enterprise Droppoint and all round good egg Christian Purcell is organising a social enterprise fayre in Hull on April 3rd. They are looking for social enterprises to sell their good at a pop up market and support organisations to host stalls with details of the services they offer.

Details of the event are here and if you’d like to take part drop Chris an email at

News of Note(s)

A lovely bit of coverage for SSE Fellow Molly Mathieson and her organisation New Note Orchestra, the only orchestra in the world to specifically seek out members who are in recovery from addiction. Conductor Conall Gleeson was recently the winner in the Community or Educational Project category at the the British Composer Awards.

Read more here

Ooh look an available grant

Smallwood Trust are providing grants to projects which enable women on low incomes to access new skills, training, confidence building and employment opportunities. Grants of roughly £10,000 – £15,000 are available to charities, social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations.

Deadline to apply is 4th March

Live it

The charity sector loves a bandwagon. ‘Place based’ was very much the talk of 2018, but we have an early runner for 2019: lived experience (which was also very hot in about 2013). Following Community Fund’s Leaders with Lived Experience programme from the other week is Catch 22’s ‘Incubate, Accelerate and Amplify’ offering. It’s a two year programme of support for social entrepreneurs with lived and learnt experience of the problems they are tackling.

It’s aimed at early-stage ventures and in year one you’ll receive a salary of £30k, co-working space and guidance from Catch 22.

Further details available here

Role with it

Loads of jobs this week including several opportunities to come and work at SSE

SSE Dartington have a number of roles available, including a Learning Manager, a Marketing Coordinator, and a Programme Administrator. You can find out more on their rather lovely new website.

At SSE HQ in London we’re looking for a Director of Operations & Finance, a Development Manager, a PA to the Chief Executive and Managing Director. We’re also looking for  for some support in our programmes and learning team between now and September to support the delivery of our learning programmes. All the details available here.

Friends of SSE TrustLaw are looking for a Programme Manager based at Canary Wharf. TrustLaw provide probono legal support to charities and social enterprises and you’ll be leading the growth strategy for the UK and Northern Europe region. Further details here.

Social enterprise estate agency Patchwork are looking for both a sales & lettings negotiator and a voluntary advisory board member, both based in the Surrey Quays / Canada Water part of London. You can find out more here.

Dan needs you

Finally, University of Suffolk student Daniel Anderson has asked if we can help him find people to interview for his Msc. If you are a social entrepreneur helping people affected by natural disasters, civil war, or humanitarian crisis he’d love to hear from you – you can contact him at D.Andersen@UOS.AC.UK.

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What’s on at SSE:

Lights, camera, action: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

I found out this week that I am very unlikely to ever win the Academy Award for Best Director. I’m probably not even going to be in the running for one of the more niche technical Oscars like Best Cinematography or Best Visual Effects. How did I find this out? Well, this week we held an event for SSE and yours truly was responsible for filming and streaming it online.

You can see the results here. I’m not sure that it will be appearing on Netflix anytime soon. Still, it was an excellent event and thank you to all those who came.

On with this week’s news…


Quick Change

If you are an SSE Fellow and you are reading this right now you need to do me a favour. We’ve sent a slightly different version of this newsletter to SSE Fellows with some slightly tailored news from the SSE network. If you are a Fellow, you need to update your profile and let us know so that you can receive the Fellows edition.

Gone in 60 Seconds

Today is the deadline to apply to our Third Sector Digital Leaders course. To apply, register your interest to attend in either Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool or London and I’ll send an application form over to you. It’s not a long form so you’ve got plenty of time to get it back to me by 5pm, when I’m leaving the office for a pint.

You can find the course here


Additionally, our school in Yorkshire and the North East are launching ‘Digital Socents’, a new initiative bringing together the tech start-up community and social entrepreneurs. They’ll be launching in Leeds on Monday 18th March with an ‘Art of Possible’ workshop, exploring how social enterprise and charities can think digitally and incorporate digital solutions that can really help scale and drive impact.

The event takes place at Cospace North Platform (right next to Leeds station) between 5.30pm and 8.30pm and it’s only a fiver to go along. You even get your dinner included with the ticket.

Find our more 

An Education

Officially the deadline to apply for Cambridge Judge Business School’s Social Venture Incubator was yesterday but we’ve done a deal on the sly and readers of Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You can have a little longer and get an application in over the weekend. On offer is six months of structured support, including monthly training days and regular meetings with an advisor. Your social enterprise can be at any stage of its development.

Find out more here

(The school also have a few remaining places on their Social Venture Weekend which takes place on March 1st. It’s aimed at emerging social entrepreneurs or those looking to refine their venture’s business plan).

Written in the Wind

A couple of new blogs from our friends over at Good Finance. First, our head of comms Sophie has drawn from some of our students and written a guest post on ‘How to Fall in Love with Leadership Again‘.

Next up, Emily Parrett of Good Finance has written ‘Impact Matters‘, looking at why it’s important to invest time and resource into measuring social impact. (Read it, think ‘gosh, that does sound important’ and then book yourself onto our Measuring Social Impact course.)

The English Patient

I think the Allen Lane Foundation speak for us all when they write that they are ‘particularly concerned about divisions in communities that occurred around the 2016 Referendum and subsequently’. And good on them they want to try to do something about it; they’ve launched a new Social Cohesion Programme. They’ll be supporting ‘community-led grassroots groups and organisations which have a focus of work being at a very local/community level’.

Find out more


If you are in Leeds over the next couple of weeks and looking for something to do then check out ‘The Human Aquarium’, a brand new exhibition from SSE Fellow Lucy Meredith. It runs from 15th – 28th February at the St John’s Centre in Leeds City Centre and is designed to take you on the journey experienced by sea animals from their capture, to training, to performing in man-made tanks and pools.

Take a look here

Trading Places

A whole load of jobs this week if you’re looking to make a move:

Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship have two open positions. They are looking for an Associate Director for Programmes (£47,263 – £54,765) to be be jointly responsible for the overall direction and strategic development of the Centre. Deadline to apply is 20th Feb. They are also searching for a Systems Change Research Fellow ( £40,792 to £48,677) to ‘contribute to the development of a multi-disciplinary mixed methods approach for research on systems change in theory and in practice and will have primary responsibility for specific projects within the overall initiative’. Deadline to apply is 1st March.

In Rochdale, UP CIC have two vacancies: a Business and Development Manager (£27k) and a Training Co-ordinator (£22k). UP supports the work of WHAG, a charity providing domestic abuse support to women and men and homelessness support to women. You can find details of both vacancies here.

In Cambridge, Wintercomfort are looking for a Business Manager (£37,907) to manage and develop two of their social enterprises. Wintercomfort is the only day centre for the homeless in the city of Cambridge and their social enterprises create opportunities for training, volunteering, work experience and employment for service users. Applications close on 4th March.

Night at the Museum

A new £7 million partnership social investment loan fund is available to charities, social enterprises and community businesses seeking to acquire, reuse or redevelop buildings which are of historic or architectural importance. The Heritage Impact Fund will offer loans from £25,000 to £500,000 for up to three years to develop sustainable heritage at the very heart of vibrant local economies.

More details here

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is brilliant. Burnham and Weston Energy, a CIC solar farm in Wick Farm, Somerset, have realised enough profit from their energy generation to establish the Burnham and Weston Energy Sunshine Fund. They’ll be offering grants of up to £2500 to community projects across the Somerset coastline. If you’re in the area and interested in applying the deadline is April 20th.

Further details here

The Social Network

A week or so ago I got a notification that it was ten years since I signed up to Twitter. Back in 2009 it was certainly a more enjoyable platform, with far less of the anger, trolling and shouting at one another. So it was good last week to see Lightful’s Reclaim Social campaign last week, sharing thousands of more positive messages designed to reclaim social media for good.

Some of the highlights are available here

Shaun of the Dead

I couldn’t find a film title with ‘Haringey’ in the title but Shaun of the Dead was set there so that will have to do. Anyhow, we’re running another taster session for our Linklaters – Future Comunities Programme next Thursday (21st Feb) between 6pm and 8.30pm at Green Rooms, Wood Green.

The free programme will support passionate people in Haringey who believe that they can make a difference by setting up an organisation that can help their community for the better.

Further details here