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Making the news great again: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You.

Folks, we need to make the news great again. You know, we’ve had news. And that’s great. News is good. I like news. That’s right! Some people would say that I am the news. I don’t know, but that’s what people are telling me. But I am going to make the news great again. It’s going to be amazing.

Donald J Trump (as told to @davemcglashan)

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From the sofa: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You


Bonjour. Or should I say bonsoir, as I’m actually writing this at home on the sofa on Thursday evening while watching George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. A real peek through the keyhole for you there. I’m having chili for dinner (accompanied by a glass of Ribena – sugar free, I’m not a lunatic), in case you’re wondering.

Enjoy this week’s news and have a good weekend.


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Recap: Days 1 and 2 of Third Sector Digital Leaders


Last week I facilitated the first block of our Third Sector Digital Leaders course with the super Zoe Amar (of Zoe Amar Communications). It was a cracking couple of days; we knew it was going to be a good course when we put it together but it managed to be even better than we could have imagined! Huge thanks to all of the speakers, each of whom put in a huge amount of preparation and effort. Here’s some of what we covered…

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In brief…Have I Got Social Enterprise For You


This week’s Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You is very short – I’ve not been at my desk since Tuesday and I’m currently facilitating our Third Sector Digital Leaders course (next one in May, come along!). Not optimal conditions for newsletter writing, I’m sure you’ll agree…normal service will resume next week. Apologies if you sent me something and it’s not in – I’ll try to include next week.

Enjoy your weekend


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Please don’t print this week’s enormous Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

No printing

Happy Ryder Cup Friday. I’m late sending this out today and I’m fully aware that by now everyone will of course be tuned in and watching Europe’s finest golfers take on the USA USA USA, rather than checking their emails. For those of you still here, this week’s edition is a veritable cornucopia of social enterprise news. Someone unsubscribed from the newsletter recently because there was ‘too much news’ – good thing they aren’t around for this one.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be spending much of it complaining about golf spectators who shout ‘get in the hole’ every bleeding shot.


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