7 tips for start up social entrepreneurs

by David McGlashan

At the School for Social Entrepreneurs we have been delivering courses to people starting up social enterprises and social businesses for fifteen years.   Here are seven useful tips if you are thinking about starting your own project: Continue reading

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Who else wants confidence and credibility in their social projects?

by Steve Light

This post is for budding social entrepreneurs out there who have always wanted to start a project to help the community and have some great ideas, but a) Don’t know what to do next or b) don’t have the confidence or feel credible enough to start the project… Continue reading

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The Diary of a Social Entrepreneur

by Emmanuella Emovon

As the year 2012 has now drawn to a close,  it’s a great privilege to be able to reflect on the highs and lows, with a view to making things better in 2013. For Sarah, she started the year with a passion and burning desire to make a difference in her community. That was her Goal at the start of 2012. But it wasn’t until Sarah started what she described as the ‘SSE Boot camp’ that she realised, it would take more than passion and burning desire to turn her dream into reality.  Nevertheless Sarah embraced Boot Camp with Optimism… Continue reading

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