Radio 4’s Peter Day congratulates SSE London Fellows

Just a quick note to say that the SSE London graduation is today for the Block and Weekly Groups, with around 40 social entrepreneurs joining the ever-growing SSE Fellowship. You can see the formal press release here, along with links to the relevant social entrepreneurs.

Or, for the glossy full print experience, download the pdf of the graduation booklet:

Stories of Change 2010-11 (large pdf)

Arguably the most exciting news is that the entrepreneurs today will be congratulated by Peter Day, Radio 4 and podcasting legend who many consider one of the wisest and most insightful commentators on business in all its aspects.


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People, not pizza: reflections on social franchising

I’ve been fortunate enough over the last few months to design, recruit and deliver a social franchising programme for SSE, called Scaling to Success. It was aimed at social entrepreneurs and social enterprise leaders who had a proven model and were seeking to replicate it: and looking at a franchise-type approach to that replication. It was not “franchise is the answer” but more “a practical look at replication through the lens of franchising”; and the outcomes will hopefully also be very practical and implementable. Continue reading

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Collaboration, partnership and the network mindset

Ideasclusteringbizmodel It is a time of significant change in the world of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, where markets shift, cuts take hold, and new opportunities beckon from the horizon. And as available finance becomes constrained, so the focus rightly becomes cost effectiveness. Sadly, in the case of many local authorities, the emphasis has been on the ‘cost’ (and offloading those that are easiest) rather than the ‘effectiveness’ part of the proposition. Matthew Pike makes this point in a recent Guardian article, citing the short-term view of local authorities and the problems this is storing up for the future. Continue reading

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