As you read this, I’m currently on the beach / in a soft play centre / eating an ice cream while on holiday in sunny / rainy / cloudy Poole. The wonders of modern technology mean that this was written on Wednesday but sent to you on Friday. What will they think of next?

This does carry a degree of peril, however. Who knows what could happen in the intervening period? If, like me, you use the 1996 film Independence Day as your reference point for any future planing you’ll know full well just how quickly things can escalate:

July 2nd: first sign of aliens in the sky

July 3rd: President of the United States of America captured by an alien but manages to free himself and launch a nuclear strike on the alien spaceship

July 4th: alien invasion repelled.

So I’m hoping that nothing quite so spectacular has happened since this was written, or the impact of this newsletter is going to be somewhat diminished. Although the idea of the current US President being captured by aliens does hold a certain appeal.

Enjoy the news…

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