Student Spotlight: Working with Cancer

Meet Barbara, Founder of Working with Cancer

For almost 40 years I was convinced I didn’t want to be an entrepreneur.  Other people did that and most of them seemed to be a bit mad! My dad had been one of sorts and look where it had got him!  He ran a small leather goods business for many years and was constantly worrying about not earning enough money to support us. He had a nervous breakdown when I was a few months old and never really recovered.

So, after university, I pursued a pretty successful career in large or medium sized companies as a loyal employee, specialising in HR, which I enjoyed but wasn’t terribly fulfilling.  Why did I change my mind and set up my own business?  Well, I got cancer – in that sense, heaven help me, I did follow the family’s lead; my dad died of pancreatic cancer when I was 15 and my mum died of bowel cancer in 1993. My aunt Barbara (who I’d been named after) had died of Hodgkins’ Lymphoma at the age of 36.  Getting cancer didn’t surprise me – in a way I was expecting it – but for me it hasn’t been about endings; it has been about new beginnings…

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Who should apply to SSE?

With the recruitment window for Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme just around the corner we have been catching up with current and past students about their experience on the programme.

We asked Jacquie Johnston Lynch, Founder of The Brink, to give us her opinion of who she thinks could benefit from coming on the programme, here’s what she said:

Apply if you want to experience high quality business and personal development support, link with high profile business contacts and get connected with all the right people at exactly the right time. Learning and sharing with a committed peer group that is led by skilled and enthusiastic facilitators means that you get the right environment for growth of business and growth of yourself as a leader and entrepreneur.

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Student Spotlight: Sex & Relationships with a different tone!

Meet Rianna, founder of Shine ALOUD

Rianna is a student on Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2013/ 14

What we do?

Shine ALOUD UK is a social enterprise that educates young people aged 15 – 24 about sex and relationships using interactive media. The company prides itself on being youth led and youth owned, which represents the tone direction of our material and resources. We are young people who are passionate about educating others young people.

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Student Spotlight: Alcohol free socialising

Meet Pravin, founder of My New Canvas

Pravin is a student on the 2013/ 14 Fellowship programme in London

My idea

For a number of years now in addition to my day job I have regularly been involved in bits of voluntary work.  In one role I look after a regular list of speakers who go into a treatment centre in Portsmouth to talk about their experiences living in recovery after treatment. In another I’m involved in a similar voluntary commitment working with younger lads at Feltham Young Offenders, who have been affected by drugs and alcohol.

As somebody who also doesn’t drink, I’ve always felt that there is a lack of places to go at night that have a good social atmosphere and are alcohol free – this appears to be the case in most cities, not just Portsmouth where I live.

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