Who should apply to SSE?

With the recruitment window for Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme just around the corner we have been catching up with current and past students about their experience on the programme.

We asked Jacquie Johnston Lynch, Founder of The Brink, to give us her opinion of who she thinks could benefit from coming on the programme, here’s what she said:

Apply if you want to experience high quality business and personal development support, link with high profile business contacts and get connected with all the right people at exactly the right time. Learning and sharing with a committed peer group that is led by skilled and enthusiastic facilitators means that you get the right environment for growth of business and growth of yourself as a leader and entrepreneur.

My project doubled its turnover during the course but more importantly it gained massive publicity and a huge amount of commercial and financial management support via our wonderful business mentor from Lloyds.

Don’t apply if you aren’t prepared to think expansively and definitely don’t apply if you want lecture style academic learning… this course is about the EXPERIENCE and the RELATIONSHIPS. If you are one of the chosen few who get on the course, then get ready to take some fabulous risks and strap yourself in nice and secure because its likely to be an amazing ride!”

Jacquie in her social enterprise; The Brink. Britain’s first Dry Bar

Jacquie Johnston Lynch, was a student on the 2012/13 Scale Up programme

The application window for Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme will be open from 3rd February- 3rd April 2014. We will be running a series of taster sessions throughout this period, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about how the programme can help you develop your social enterprise!

Visit our website to sign up to a taster sessions or sign up to our newsletter to receive a reminder about the application window opening 

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