Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You: Rebooted

A very wise man reminded me earlier this week that ‘a change is as good as a rest’. Never one to ignore advice, I decided that it was time to go full Gok Wan and give Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You a makeover.  The content will remain the same though; useful links buried amongst inane babble and appalling puns.

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Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Here’s this week’s news:

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A year scaling up with SSE

With applications opening for Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme on Monday 2nd February we wanted to repost this blog piece by Becky John where she reflects on her experience on our Scale Up programme. Becky is the Founder of the wonderful social enterprise ‘Who Made Your Pants‘. Follow her @WhoMadeYour & @BeckyPants.

If you think you’d like to come on one of our programmes you can sign up to attend a free taster session here.

“Adieu School for Social Entrepreneurs”

Since October 2013, I have been on a training and development programme called the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Scale Up Programme. My year there ended recently – the 2nd October. And I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned. It’s both ‘wow everything’ and ‘oh that old thing I’ve known that for ages’ – as it’s just all assimilated so fast.

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5 reasons why your charity or social enterprise needs a social media strategy

by Zoe Amar

Photo Credit: giulia.forsythe via Compfight cc

Does your organisation have a social media strategy? If not, you’re far from alone. Whilst social media has been widely adopted by many charities and social enterprises, many are either still fine tuning their strategies or wondering how best to get started.

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Colder than a witch’s *redacted* – Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Woah. Hold your horses.  We won’t have language like that around here, this ain’t no Rupert Murdoch publication. Thanks to the wonders of scrolling text there isn’t even a page 3.

It is flipping cold here in London though, and the hidden overlords who control the thermostat in our office have decided that absolute zero is an appropriate ambient temperature to work in.  I might print this week’s news out and burn it to keep warm (making it the most useful Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You ever?).

A warming fire

Enough prattling, here’s this week’s news…

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Staring idly into space: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

A lot of strange things have come out of America over the years.  Pop tarts, George W Bush, the word ‘zucchini’,  half of me; the list goes on… But today in America is National Nothing Day, a day which is celebrated by doing nothing.  This sounds like a very interesting concept, and one we should try out here.  Let’s all spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing.  It’s Friday, you’ve earned the rest!



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