Colder than a witch’s *redacted* – Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Woah. Hold your horses.  We won’t have language like that around here, this ain’t no Rupert Murdoch publication. Thanks to the wonders of scrolling text there isn’t even a page 3.

It is flipping cold here in London though, and the hidden overlords who control the thermostat in our office have decided that absolute zero is an appropriate ambient temperature to work in.  I might print this week’s news out and burn it to keep warm (making it the most useful Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You ever?).

A warming fire

Enough prattling, here’s this week’s news…


  • What do Unilever, Land Securities, PwC, Linklaters, Afrikids, RSA and Beyond Food Foundation have in common?  They’ll all be speaking on our Working With Corporates workshop on February 27th.  Not a bad lineup, even if we do say so ourselves!


  • The next stage of the Frontline London campaign has got underway in earnest. We’ll be working with five soon to be released prisoners, helping them to get a social business off the ground.




  • Citybridge Trust’s Stepping Stones Fund has been set up to help bridge the gap that organisations face when shifting from grant income to a position where they can take on investment.  The deadline for applications is 31st January.



  • Edelman’s 15th Annual Trust Barometer was released this week. Trust in NGOs has plummeted from (a recent high of) 67% in 2014 to 51% in 2015; people now have more trust in businesses than they do charities.  Why?  The number one reason that people distrust NGOs is that they are ‘too focused on money’.  You can read the report here. 


  • Next week sees the launch of the new website for Plan Zheroes, founded by SSE student Maria Ana Neves.  The organisation connects businesses which would otherwise waste surplus food with charities and individuals who could make use of it. Maria and the team will be launching the site next Thursday at City Hall, in London – details here if you’d like to attend the event and support them.




Upcoming courses at SSE:

Have a good week! 


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