Have I Got Social Enterprise News For…EU?


Since I woke up this morning it appears that we’ve voted to leave the EU, our Prime Minister has resigned, Nigel Farage is declaring Independence Day and Donald Trump has landed in the UK. I’m just back from four days in France watching football and drinking (responsibly, obviously) and I’m beginning to wonder if they put something stronger than alcohol in the beer. It’s the only rational explanation.

In such uncertain times I’ll do what I always do, and turn to a little bit of social enterprise news for reassurance…

Enjoy your weekend

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Somewhat paternal: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Cartoon of son standing on sleeping dad. The son says, "Wake up, Dad! It's time to fearlessly face the day!"Hello. It’s me. Good to see you again. Things have changed slightly since the last Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You – I now have a son (Harry), which according to some means that I finally have to act like a grown up. What does this consist of? Changing nappies, listening to crying and sleeping less apparently. All good fun though.

Lots of news this week – if you sent something to me and it hasn’t been included it isn’t deliberate, I just haven’t caught up with all my emails yet. Enjoy your weekend – I’m off to France on Monday to watch England continue their path to European glory!


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Meet our Witness, Monroe Vincent

A key part of our programmes are ‘Witness sessions’ when  students hear from inspirational speakers (witnesses) who have first-hand experience of the issues our students are facing. Like witnesses in a law court they give testimony about what it’s really like to start and grow social organisations. Our Witnesses are some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs around who take time out of their very busy lives to help our social entrepreneurs.  We’d like you to meet them and be inspired!

Meet: Monroe Vincent, Led By Dreams

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Young Mum’s Trip to the City

By Kirsty Button and Kerry Jennings (Back to Your Future Programme students)

On the 19th of April 2016, a trip to London was organised for us to visit the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Central office.

Back to your Future Programme at the School for Social Entrepreneurs

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