White Campervan Man: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

I think I last picked up a copy of The Sun about fifteen years ago. In it, there was a feature called ‘White Van Man’ in which they’d interview a man in a white van about some of the week’s pressing issues: questions like ‘who should win Pop Idol, Gareth Gates or Will Young?’, or ‘what do you think of the news that David Beckham has a new tattoo?’. From memory, the column was accompanied by a picture of bloke leaning cheerfully with one arm out the window.

Why am I telling you this? Because our chief executive Ali is taking four months off work to drive around Europe in a Campervan. So I thought it was the perfect time to “interview” “him” for his views on some of the key issues.

No newsletter next week, I’ll be in Majorca. Call me old fashioned by I’ll be staying a house. I’ve always preferred sleeping in an object whose primary purpose is living in, rather than transportation.


Hi Ali, thanks for giving up your time to speak to Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You. Last August, there were a number of nights in Spain when the night time temperature did not fall below 31.0°C. You will be in what is essentially a tin box. What will you do in the absence of sleep? 

Well, Dave, you’ll know that all Scots are uniquely adapted to cope with warm weather. I plan on sitting in an ice bath with a hanky on my head and working my way through this excellent list of useful resources for social entrepreneurs put together by BQ. It’s hot stuff.

What’s the motivation behind the trip? There are rumours in the SSE office that you’re actually a fugitive from the law and that this is all an elaborate cover-up.

I’ve heard those rumours and I will continue to deny them. My alternative reason? Well, we’ve just published the biggest-ever evaluation of our work: CLES’s evaluation of the first five years of the Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland Social Entrepreneurs Programme, in partnership with SSE and jointly funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. So the time seemed right your honour.

What will you miss most while you are away? 

Beyond proper walls, access to plumbing and a reliable source of electricity I’d probably say my colleagues, who are a daily source of inspiration to me. What will they be working on while I’m gone? Well, we’ve just launched a Health and Wellbeing Trade Up Programme for projects that benefit communities in Southwark and Lambeth so that will probably keep them busy.

Are you looking forward to meeting new people?

I’m am, yes. It’s just a shame I won’t be around to attend SSE London’s How to Network Successfully workshop next Friday. It would have been great to have fine tuned my elevator pitch before heading to St Tropez.

You’re going to be on the road a lot. Any tips for staying alert while driving?

Red Bull. Love the stuff. It’s the drink for every occasion. Did you know that Red Bull are fans of social enterprise too? They are currently looking for trail-blazers and innovators who are passionate about driving positive change in their community to take part in the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy 2019. It takes place in Bradford from 28 September to 6 October 2019. Borrow my Campervan if you need somewhere to stay.

Are you concerned about fluctuating exchange rates making it difficult to forecast the cost of the trip?

No. I went to the money exchange at the Oxford Street brank of Halifax so I’m well prepared. Conincidentally, I picked up a flyer while there and it seems SSE Fellow Cemal Ezel will be speaking at the very same branch of Halifax on June 12th about what it takes to set up a social enterprise. He’ll be talking about how his company Change Please has expanded to the success it is today and where he got help along the way. According to the flyer, you can book your space here.

That is a remarkable coincidence. Next you’ll be telling me that you considered crowdfunding the trip but could have seen it in action before taking the plunge.

That’s exactly what I was going to say next. How spooky. I think if I had been to The Funding Network’s live crowdfunding event in London on June 12th and watched four inspiring non-profits pitch for funds I’d feel a lot more confident about the whole thing.

If you had to spend the time in the UK instead of Europe, where would you go?

Another great question Dave. This has been such a good interview so far, you more than deserve a payrise. I’d go to three places:

Mile End. I’ve always wanted to visit Queen Mary University and find out more about their QConsult Summer programme. From what I understand, QConsult Summer works in partnership with City University of London & University of East London to place students into mini consultancy projects with London-based organisations and they are looking for businesses, social enterprises, charities and start ups who are interested in hiring interns.

Next stop would be Manchester, took take a look at the work being done by SSE fellow Adele Jordan. She’s is part of a collective mission to eradicate food poverty in Greater Manchester. Over 100 organisations & individuals are intent on addressing the causes as much as the symptoms. To achieve their goals they need unwanted cooking & growing equipment, and they’ve also created a food poverty action plan that local organisations can sign up to.

My final stopping point would be Cornwall, where I’d congratulate the team at SSE Cornwall on being nominated as a finalist in the Cornwall Business Awards in the Ambassador or the Year category.

Finally Ali; technology moves pretty swiftly these days. Are you worried that while you are away your job will be replaced

By a marshmallow?

No, by a robot. 

It’s a constant worry. So it’s good to know that BFB labs, a tech-for-good company developing products to improve mental health in young people, are currently in the process of recruiting for 2 roles – product manager and UX designer and researcher.


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Back of the net: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

More sophisticated newsletters than this would possibly begin this introduction by reflecting that football is often a microcosm of wider human endeavor, perhaps pausing to consider the lessons that social entrepreneurs can draw from the performance of Tottenham (and to a lesser and more insignificant extent, Liverpool) in the Champions League this week: perseverance, team work, inspirational leadership.

This isn’t a sophisticated newsletter, however, so we’ll just quote Alex Ferguson: “Football, bloody hell”. What a week it’s been as a Spurs fan. (Younger readers – Alex Ferguson used to be the manager of Manchester United, a team that had occasional success way back in the 1990s. Ask your Mum or Dad about them).

I didn’t think that anything could come close to replicating the emotional roller coaster of Tuesday night, but I’ve just come out of a meeting discussing resourcing plans for future sales at SSE and I have to say that came pretty close. It’s going to take me all weekend to recover…

Enjoy this week’s news.


Standard mate

Standard Life Foundation are offering grants of between £10,000 and £200,000 to organisations that address ‘structural issues and individual practice relating to financial wellbeing’. Applications are open until 1pm on 3rd June and it’s worth having a good read through the funding guidelines – your application must be written in Arial, font size 12, for example. So not like this. OR THIS.

Find out more here

Choose your own adventure

Greetings adventurer, now is the time to decide your destiny by responding to the following question: are you a social entrepreneur, a funder or social investor from the South West of England?

If you are not a social entrepreneur, a funder or social investor from the South West of England, go to next article.

If you are a social entrepreneur, a funder or social investor from the South West of England, click here for details of a Social Enterprise Connect event on 29th May.

I’m sure I’ve made this pro-bono joke before and it wasn’t funny the first time either

If you work for a formally constituted non-profit organisation whose primary purpose is to address issues of poverty, disability or social exclusion then the Cranfield Trust would like to hear from you. They can offer pro-bono (the free type, not the type favouring the lead singer of U2) management consultancy providing tailored business advice and solutions exclusively for charities.

Check it out here

Points of view

There are only a few days left to share your views with the 2019 Charity Digital Skills Report and help map digital skills across the sector, creating a resource for you to benchmark your organisation against. It takes just 5-10 minutes and to thank you for getting involved we have £200 of Amazon vouchers to be won. All responses must be received by 14 May.

Complete the survey here

Supplies supplies

What is missing from your life? Could it be a contract with the public sector? What if I was to tell you that start up Supply Change is the only digital market place that specialises in making procuring from social enterprises easier, safer and quicker and that they are designing solutions to help social enterprises win and deliver public sector contracts. If you are a social enterprise based in the Midlands, London, the South East or the South West they would love to hear from you.

Find out more here (click sign up in the top right to fill in an expression of interest).

Run Amy run

Colleague. Friend. Mentor. Muse. Inspiration. All words I’d use to describe SSE’s Amy Barbor, who is running the Liverpool marathon on 26th May in support of On Road Media. Set up by SSE Fellow Nathalie McDermott, On Road aims to improve media coverage of communities that are misrepresented  by facilitating conversations between the media and people with lived experience of issues from across the UK.

A very important cause – if you fancy sponsoring Amy, you can do so here.

A great deal

Tickets are still available for Good Deals and Beyond Good Business on May 21st. The event brings together social investors with charities and purpose-driven ventures under one roof; I’ve been to previous events and they’ve always been worthwhile.

There a currently some bursary tickets available, making the day either free or heavily discounted. 90% of these tickets have been held for organisations outside of London.

Apply for a bursary ticket here 

A helping hand

Our friends at _SocialStarters are currently recruiting social enterprises for their 2019 / 20 Consulting Programme. If you are a social enterprise or ethical brand who would benefit from an extra pair of hands to help you tackle business challenges across finances, marketing, or operational management they can help. If you’d like someone to help tackle your business challenges, apply to join their next cohort of social impact businesses by 1st June. 

Find out more here


Lunch, of course, is the best part of the working day. Lunch deserves to be celebrated. It’s a good thing then that Eden Project and the National Lottery are organising The Big Lunch on 1st and 2nd June. It’s an opportunity for millions of people to get together and share food, have fun and get to know each other better – if you take part tweet us at @schsocent so we map all the lunches in our network.

Find out more

All the awards

SSE Fellows have been a busy bunch over the last couple of weeks, to say the least. Here are some highlights:

  • At The Running Awards, Alex Eagtle picked up the award for best small charity for his organisation The Running Charity, which uses running to improve the lives of 16-25 year-olds who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Josh Babarinde’s Cracked It has been nominated in the social enterprise company of the year category of the Evening Standard Business Awards. Cracked It is a smartphone repair service staffed by young ex-offenders and youth at risk.
  • Johnny Chatterton, founded of Campaign Bootcamp, has been given an Obama (yep, as in the former President) Foundation Fellowship. Johnny will receive hands-on training, resources, and leadership development to help scale the impact of his work.
  • Success for SSE Fellows in the Lottery’s People’s Project awards too: Jane Kippax and her organisation Step and Stone won £49,750 in the West Country East area, and in the West Country West region Mirella Ferraz won £48,599 with Share Shed.

Congratulations all!

Situations vacant

Our school in Dartington are looking for a Learning Facilitator with experience of facilitating active, participatory and inclusive learning to support the delivery of the Accelerating Women’s Enterprise programme. It’s a part-time (18.75 hours) role, apply by 27th May. Details here.

ImpactEd, a social enterprise to improve pupil outcomes and life chances by addressing the evaluation deficit, are looking for an Impact and Evaluations Manager in London. The job pays £28k – £32k, apply by 20th May. Link here – it’s right at the top of the page.

There’s a saying in the social enterprise sector: “The best people to work for have been on SSE’s social replication and scaling course”. You may not have heard it before, but it has been said (by me). A recent participant was Domino Patemen of Women of the World, a global movement celebrating women and girls. Domino now has three vacancies in London: a Development Coordinator, an Office Administrator and an Executive Assistant. Details here – they all close next week.

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Losing the plot: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Don’t worry, this edition contains no spoilers for Game of Thrones, Line of Duty or the new Avengers film. You have to tell people that these days, watching things has become a serious business and people seem to get very upset about it. I’ve only ever seen three episodes of Game of Thrones, none of the Marvel films and none of the current series of Line of Duty so you’re safe here. Just don’t talk to me if you want to avoid finding out what happens in Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly.

I did recently have some time off with flu, however, and ended up re-watching The Thick of it in bed. For those who haven’t seen it, the main protagonist is a chap called Malcolm Tucker, a tallish, slightly greying Scotsman in his 50s who swears a lot. For some reason watching it gave me a strange sense of being back in the office, although I can’t quite put my finger on why. It certainly didn’t hasten my recovery.

Enjoy the long weekend, here’s a whole load of excellent social enterprise news to ease you into it…


By the power of greyskull…the community business fund

Power to Change have opened applications to The Community Business Fund, ‘designed to support existing community businesses with grants to help them progress towards self-sufficiency’. They aren’t messing about either; grants of £50,000 – £300,000 are available, as long as you can demonstrate how the funding will
help you to increase your trading income, secure an asset or significantly reduce your costs.

Apply by midday on 22nd May

This is the one

In the week of the 30th anniversary of the Stone Roses’ debut album it would make sense to have some news from Manchester. Fortunately, Flourish CIC have a whole load of events coming up over the next few weeks for me to shout about including a Social Enterprise Discovery Day and Getting Ready to Grow, a day focusing on social investment.

More details here

Summer school

Aged 18-24? Looking for a free six-day business course in Falmouth this summer? Then SSE Cornwall have just the thing: ‘Got an idea?’ is a free programme for anyone aged 18 to 24 who has an idea or a cause they are passionate about and who wants to explore how to bring that idea to life. The course kicks off on 5th June.

You can apply here

Making an impact

Inspiring Impact have recently launched a very snazzy looking new website promising free online resources, peer learning networks, and grant funding, so you can plan, understand, and improve your impact. I’ve had quick look through and there is loads of good stuff on the site.

Check it out

Child’s play

A nice piece of coverage for SSE Fellow (and previous social entrepreneur of the year finalist) Tracey Murdoch and her organisation Kidzeco, recent recipients of a £45,604 grant from the People’s Project which will allow them to fund a new early-years. community space. Based in West Lothian, Kidzeco support families who want to buy high quality preloved children’s clothes, toys and equipment at an affordable price.

Read more here

On the list

Also making the news (and also a former social entrepreneur of the year finalist) is SSE Fellow Katie Buckingham, who has been named a finalist in Birmingham Live’s 30 Under 30 campaign. Katie is the founder and director of Altruist Enterprises which provides resilience, stress management and mental health awareness training to organisations and schools nationally.

It’s been a busy few month’s for Katie – In partnership with Daden, the Institute of Employment Studies and the University of Worcester, Alturist have been awarded funding by the MOD to develop a life coaching application for military personnel via a chatbot.

Keep the peace

SSE Fellow Whitney Iles is running a number of workshops in London to help participants understand violence and the impact on those affected by it, with the aim being to create more peaceful communities. They are particularly relevant for those working within organisations that have a youth focus. The first workshop is on 14th May and covers the causes of inner-city adolescent violence.

Find out more 

Cash converter

As reported on the excellent Civil Society News website, our friends at Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales has opened applications to it’s ‘Enable’ grants programme. Registered charities with income between £25,000 and £1 million who work to support people aged 17+ who are facing one or more of our specified complex social problems are invited to apply for grants of up to £15,000.

Apply here

Weekend reading

‘Let’s make this a better society’ is the rather sensible suggestion from Charlotte Young, a founding member, current trustee and former chair of SSE. Writing in a personal capacity Charlotte has written an excellent paper outlining how the ‘Trust Society’ can unite to create a movement to improve conditions for those facing the most challenges. It’s a particularly well-timed paper given news earlier this week that ‘inequality in Britain is now entrenched from birth to work‘.

Read Charlotte’s paper here 

Help, we need somebody (you).

Over the past ten weeks we’ve been supporting fourteen budding social entrepreneurs in Haringey, north London. Next Thursday we’d like you to invite you to share your own expertise with them as we host the Future Communities Programme: Haringey – Vision Pitch Night. It’s a one-off event giving you the chance to come and help us give these individuals the opportunity to create a lasting impact. The event runs from 5.45pm – 8.45pm at Linklaters, just round the corner from The Barbican.

Find out more

Celebrate good times

Our school in India recently partnered with the Usha Silai School for the inaugural Michael Young Memorial Lecture, celebrating the 20th anniversary of SSE, the  3rd Anniversary of SSE India & the Graduation Ceremony of the Social Start-Up Fellowship Programme 2018. Keynote speaker was Baroness Glenys Thornton, a Labour and Co-operative member of the House of Lords and a long time advocate for the social enterprise sector. It sounds as if it was a really successful event.

You can read more and see some pictures here

Nudge nudge wink wink

I can’t give away too much here but a food-poverty and food waste enterprise based in west Devon / Cornwall and founded by an SSE Fellow are looking for a a self-starter to step in due to the current Director’s change in personal circumstances. The enterprise has been running a few years and offers a chance for the right person / team to run their own catering business with a social twist. The ideal person would have a background in catering / food and be based in the south west. If you’d like any further info contact Leila Sharland (Leila.Sharland@resonance.ltd.uk) and she can give you the details…

On the company dime

A long time ago I used to work in recruitment and it was a well observed trend that applications for jobs fell off a cliff over weekends and bank holidays. It makes sense really, why waste your own time applying for a new job when you can do it during the working week?

I know that readers of Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You are (mostly) more conscientious than that, however, so here are some jobs to apply for over the weekend:

  • SSE Fellow Amma Mensah has two vacancies at her London based social enterprise Beyond The Classroom, which delivers innovative life-skills programmes to young people. Amma is looking for an Education Officer and a Partnerships and Business Development Manager – details here.
  • Also in London, also with two vacancies and also an SSE Fellow, Eve Wagg is looking for a Partnerships and Marketing Manager and a Progressions Administrator for her social enterprise Well Grounded, a specialist coffee training academy. More here.
  • In Plymouth, SSE student Matthew Pontin is looking for a non-exec director to join the board of Fotonow,  a creative and forward-thinking media social enterprise specialising in community-focussed photography, film and education projects. Find out more.
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Celebrating a four day weekend: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it is a Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You on a Thursday. Because it’s kind of a Friday really isn’t it? Only a few hours until the best weekend of the year. Yep, I’m calling it, it’s better than Christmas. You try and sit in a pub garden at 7pm on Christmas Day and tell me how you get on. This time of year the days are long, the sun is (sometimes) out and you don’t have to spend all your money buying presents and all your time with your extended family. Perfect.

Whatever you are doing over the next four days, have a super Easter and see you next week.


Two eggcellent opportunities

I don’t know what your life goals are. I’m sorry.  But if your ambitions include working as a National Programme Manager at the School for Social Entrepreneurs then I can help you to achieve them. I can’t take a very active role, but I can point you in the direction of the page on our website on which we are currently advertising the vacancy. The job pays  £37,085 – £40,775 and the deadline to apply is 9am on Tuesday.

Apply from a pub beer garden if you like

Or, if you’d rather work in the rather more beautiful setting of the Dartington estate near Totnes you could apply to be SSE Dartington’s new ERDF Operations Manager. It’s a part time fixed term role until December – you’ll take responsibility for financial and output reporting, claims processing and compliance during the final delivery and close down period of two ERDF funded programmes in 2019.

Apply by 29th April

South by Southwest

Let’s stay in Dartington because there is a lot going on there. Learning manager Chloe Tingle has written ‘five steps to combat loneliness as a social entrepreneur‘ based on her own experiences running social enterprise No More Taboo.

The school also have three new programmes on offer:

Full circle

SSE Fellow Turly Humphreys had an excellent article written about her and her organisation Circle Collective on the Big Issue website this week. Circle Collective is a social enterprise breaking down the barriers preventing young people from entering employment and recently held its annual graduation event in Lewisham shopping centre. Over the past year, Circle Collective has over 180 young people into employment, and the event was a chance for them all to celebrate their success.  All of these young people benefited from Circle’s ‘Get Employed’ programme, where they received 1:1 coaching, attended CV workshops and employability skills training and gained first-hand work experience shifts in Circle’s two streetwear stores.

You can watch a video from the graduation here

Local news part one

Very much the ‘and now the news in your area’ part of the newsletter but only if your area happens to be south east London. Our nearby neighbours Southwark Council are developing the Southwark Pioneers Fund, ‘intended to increase inclusive growth by supporting the start-up and scale-up of commercial and social enterprises (including revenue-generating charities)’. They are looking to capture the views of organisations in the borough with up to 50 employees to help shape the fund.

You can complete an online survey here (until 19th April)

Local news part two

If you are based in Southwark or Lambeth and your organisation is tackling childhood obesity or long-term health conditions you could be eligible for our new programme with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity. On offer is a Match Trading grant of up to £10,000 and a learning programme for leaders; we’ll support you to increase your income from trading and become more impactful.

Find out more here

Local news part three 

Non London readers stick with me, we’re going to head out of the capital soon. Londoners, here’s another one for you: creatives, community groups and placemakers are invited to the scoping session for a Creative Community Placemakers Network in Brixton on April 30th. The session is being run by social enterprise Global Urban Design who ‘aim to bring together Creatives, Communities and Placemakers over a programme of events to foster: skills and knowledge transfer, to build trust, foster relationship and provide community access to various specialists with an interest in empowering communities in Creative Placemaking, and together launch a Creative Community Placemakers Network’.

Find out more 

Digital love

The Skoll World Forum took place in Oxford the other week and as usual faced some (perhaps justifiable) criticism that it’s too expensive / exclusive / doesn’t involve enough social entrepreneurs. So it’s good to see that they are going to be making a whole load of the content available online for free – ‘you’ll hear from visionary leaders across sectors, social entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives on what it takes to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems’.

Sign up here

Four letter word

Nothing quite says ‘right it’s a four day weekend so let’s get this party started’ like the acronym ‘GDPR’. The mere mention is usually enough to lead to an outbreak of spontaneous singing and dancing at SSE HQ. So you can imagine the carnival like atmosphere when we realised that then Institute of Fundraising had published ‘GDPR: what we didn’t know last year’, a refreshed version of their GDPR guidance for charities.

You can read it here


What are you up to on Thursday 9th May? We need your help. Come and join us for the very first Vision Pitch Event for the Future Communities Programme, supported by Linklaters and hosted at their HQ We are looking for change makers, influencers and anyone who can offer their support to help change someone’s future in 3 minutes; we aren’t asking for your money but something arguably more valuable…your time, networks and expertise to help us give these individuals the opportunity to create a lasting impact. If you enjoy taking action and helping others succeed then this is for you. It should be a really fun evening.

Book a place here

A laughing matter

Every year SSE Fellow Jem Stein organises Jokes and Spokes, a comedy fundraiser for his social enterprise The Bike Project, and every year the line up gets better and better. On June 11th you can treat yourself to sets from Ed Byrne, Nish Kumar, Jen Brister and Deborah Frances-White. The event takes place at the Union Chapel in Islington.

Book a ticket here

Last but not least

Finally, social enterprise Fat Macy’s are looking for a Marketing and Business Development officer to shape the vision of the Fat Macy’s business. Fat Macy’s trains aspiring chefs to serve up food with heart, creating a recipe that helps young
Londoners make the journey from hostel to home. It’s a part time role (1-2 days per week).

Apply by 26th April

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Pop-tastic: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Last Saturday I was on a 40th birthday night out in Norwich, during which I learned three important lessons.

1. Norwich is a lot further from London than you initially might think. It’s actually quicker to get a train from my house in south east London to Brussels than it is to get to Norwich.

2. It is now impossible to be in a social situation and avoid people talking about Brexit. Whereas pub chat a few years ago would be something along the lines of “no, it’s too early for jagerbombs and there’s no way I’m having tequila” you’re now more likely to have a conversation about the indicative vote process, which will in turn lead you to deciding that it’s just the right time for a jagerbomb and you certainly will be having a tequila.

3. At 38 years old I’m too old to be heading to 90s themed pop nightclubs until gone 2am. Anyone who saw me staggering towards Norwich station on Sunday would have assumed I was involved in some sort of 28 Days Later re-enactment. Still, a 90s themed pop nightclub does provide a loose song-based them for this newsletter so here we go…


All ‘Bout the Money (by Meja, released 1998)

The chorus of this song is “it’s all about the money, it’s all ’bout the dun dun do do do dumb” which makes about as much sense as I did by about 4pm last Saturday. Fortunately, the good people at Paul Hamlyn Foundation are rather more coherent in communicating their new Shared Ground Fund, which supports organisations to explore opportunities and address challenges in the area of migration and integration.

Two funding levels are available – ‘Explore and Test’ offering grants of up to £60,000 and More and Better offering grants of £100,000 – £300,000 (or even £400,000 if you really nail that application form).

All the details here

You Oughta Know (Alanis Morisette, 1995)

If you are going to pop in a bid to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation you really should make sure that you’re giving yourself the best chance. And how can you do that? By coming on our Fundraising from Trusts and Foundations course in London next Wednesday. After all, knowledge is power.

Book a place here

What’s Up? (4 Non Blondes, 1992)

“What’s up Dave?” asked my colleague Amy Barbor the other day.

“Not much”, I replied, “just doing the usual and working really hard and not messing around at all. What’s up with you?”

“Well Dave, I’ve just written a blog about how ‘nice progressive white people’ need to challenge themselves to make the social sector more inclusive. Would you like to read it?”

I confirmed that I would and asked Amy to send it to me, so she sent me this link to it on our website. It’s a really thought provoking piece.

Around the World (Daft Punk, 1997)

It’s quite difficult to find songs about computers and the internet from the 1990s. Did we have computers back then? It’s so long ago it’s all a bit of a blur…I thought Daft Punk might be a good bet but they didn’t start banging on about technology until well into the mid 2000s. So the tenuous link here is that the Third Sector Digital Leaders webinar series that we’ve done with Zoe Amar is now over and I’ve popped all the videos on our website. Which you can access from around the world.

Watch them from the beach next time you’re on holiday

I’ve Got Something to Say (Reef, 1999)

Reef, of course, famously hail from the west country; Somerset to be exact. If they decided to put down their guitars (they still tour, I saw them last year) they could decide to sign up to the Somerset Development Programme. It’s a new free programme of support delivered by SSE Dartington in Taunton between June and September 2019. The course is aimed at social enterprises that are incorporated or plan to be by the start of the programme – priority will be given to applications from Somerset.

Further info here

Tellin’ Stories (The Charlatans, 1997)

“I’ll be there in the mornin’, can’t you see I’m tellin’ stories” crooned The Charlatans, a band who appear to have a severe aversion to the letter ‘g’. Also hopin’ to tell more stories is SSE Fellow Jude Habib, who is runnin’ a crowdfundin’ campaign to create a network of media savvy storytellers led by people with direct experience of some of the biggest issues facing our society today. The aim is to create a more diverse media which reflects the views and ideas of a wider cross section of society.

You can find out more and back the campaign here

One Week (Barenaked Ladies, 1998)

That’s about the length of time you’ll need to commit if you want to read all of Charity Comms’ absolutely mammoth guide to innovation. It’s great, particularly if you love buzzwords: blockchain – check, iterative – check, ideation – check. You get my point.

Read the report here

We like to Party (Venga Boys,1998)

If the Venga Boys still like to party and they happen to be in London on April 11th they might want to head to Kensington for Resurgo’s second Ventures Showcase, an opportunity to cheer on your favourite of six social impact ventures as they vie for a top prize. Wine and canapés will abound, apparently, which is always a good thing.

You can get £5 off by using the code ‘Showcase.2019’ when making your booking.

Which you can do here

No Limits (2 Unlimited, 1993)

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no ,no ,no, no there’s no limit at Untld, who have just launched ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like..?’ a new podcast for anyone concerned with the big problems facing society. Milly Chowles is traveling around the UK meeting ‘ leaders of social change who have created ‘business for good’ ventures, working on a local or national scale’.

Find out more here

King of My Castle (Wamdue Project, 1998)

You could make the newly launched SSE Hub Dartington your castle if you are looking for a new place to work from. If you need workspace or would like to work in an inspiring place where you can meet other businesses you should check it out. There are a range of packages available, starting from £20 a month (if you buy by 31st March).

Take a look here

Want to receive this in your inbox every Friday morning? Sign up here

What’s on at SSE:


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