COVID-19 update: due to the change in circumstances the current round of Fellows Future Fund is deferred. If you have been long-listed for this round please check your email for more information.

The round of funding scheduled for June/July will now be towards the end of the year. Sign up to our newsletter and check ‘Yes’ under ‘Are you an SSE fellow?’ to get updates about the fund and all support available for SSE fellows.

If you have any questions about the Fellows Future Fund please contact Alisha,

The Fellows Future Fund

Are you a fellow of an SSE programme that lasted at least six months? Did the programme end at least 12 months ago?

With support from the Social Partners network, SSE has launched a grants fund that aims to support SSE Fellows to better understand, grow and communicate their social impact.

Securing funding to experiment and test new ideas is difficult and we want to help with this. Your application doesn’t have to be about proving success – we are more interested in helping your organisation learn about what does and doesn’t work.

SSE Social Partners will be offering grants of £5,000 to support you to consider how to deepen your social impact, and to share these learnings. If you are successful in winning a grant, you will have 12 months to complete delivery of this initiative. After this, we will invite you to present your findings to a supportive audience of Social Partners and other
stakeholders who support social enterprises.

Download most recent guidance notes

subject to change so please check back for most up to date guidance notes when applying

How can this grant support me?

We want to support you to learn what works.

For example you can apply for funds:

  • to deliver your work in new ways, with different audiences, or in different areas
  • to expand your work to build a better evidence base for your approach
  • to conduct research into the needs of your beneficiaries or community, what is helping them and what is a block for them, and how your organisation can change that.
  • undertake action research, trialling and evaluating new approaches to delivering the change you want to make in the world
  • to research or pilot models of measurement and evaluation that may work for your organisation
  • to evaluate your work, or part of your work
  • to communicate the impact of your work


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How do I apply?

Applications are currently closed.

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