SSE is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of those it is in contact with, most notably, our personnel and beneficiaries (our students). We exercise our safeguarding responsibility through our policies and procedures, and by enacting SSE’s values of inclusivity, integrity and empowerment throughout the organisation.

Everyone has the right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion / beliefs, pregnancy / maternity and gender reassignment or any other characteristics or circumstances that may lead them to consider themselves at risk.

We recognise that an open culture is integral to safeguarding and encourage all personnel and beneficiaries with additional needs to discuss them with us to enable us to make reasonable adjustments as appropriate to enable their full participation.

We recognise that each individual is best-placed to make decisions about their own wellbeing, and will take proportional action on someone’s behalf only if they lack the capacity to make a decision; are exposed to a life-threatening risk; if someone else may be at risk of harm; or if a criminal offence has been committed or is likely to be committed.

SSE has a safeguarding policy and procedures in place to protect individuals who come into contact with SSE from all types of abuse, to identify and prevent safeguarding issues before they arise, to protect SSE staff who may face allegations of abuse and to manage any allegations of abuse in a way that protects those individuals concerned and enables SSE to continue to provide a safe environment for all those who come in contact with the organisation.

SSE’s policy is approved by SSE’s Board of Trustees, and is reviewed on a regular basis in line with the Board’s agreed schedule.

SSE has appointed a Safeguarding Officer who is the Chief Operating Officer. Please use this form if you wish to report a concern at SSE.

We understand that some people may want to remain anonymous when reporting a concern and we have made this option available. However, should you wish to be contacted or updated about your submission please provide your contact details.

We aim to confirm receipt of non-urgent submissions within 10 working days.