Our impact

How we create change, and how we prove and improve our approach

SSE supports more than 1,000 leaders of social change each year, who in turn help 3.4 million people in need.

They tackle a huge range of social and environmental problems, while creating meaningful jobs – often for people most disadvantaged in the labour market.

Very small circle labelled 1,000, with arrow pointing to very big circle labelled 3.4 million

Social entrepreneurs multiply the impact of support they receive.

It’s something we like to call “the SSE effect”…

Championing inclusion & diverse leadership

We believe diverse leadership can create a more equitable society. We accelerate this shift by supporting social entrepreneurs from marginalised and minoritised communities.

One in six people we support is disabled.


One in five people are from racialised and/or minoritised ethnic backgrounds.


Two-thirds  have personal “lived” experience of the issue they address.


More than two-thirds are women (including trans women); almost 1% are non-binary or other genders.


One-third operate in the 20% most deprived areas of the UK.


A picture Nureen Glaves and wording: we helped Nureen to grow her project. Feed Me Good now helps thousands of marginalised people with nutrition & health


Creating economic impact

Social entrepreneurs we support grow their local economies.

The total income of 235 of our students’ projects increased from £36m to £41m in one year (and this is just a sample of everyone we support!).

Tiny circle labelled 235 next to very large circle labelled £41million

Better leaders, building stronger organisations


We support people to become better leaders of social change.


In one year, we significantly increase the skills, strengths and networks people need to tackle society’s biggest problems.


As a result, the organisations they build have a significantly higher five-year survival rate than pure-profit businesses in the UK (66% versus 44%).