Archived external evaluations of SSE’s impact

We like to be transparent in our work, even when it goes back quite a few years! This page features some of the older external evaluations of our impact.

Looking for something more recent? View our latest external evaluations and impact data.

Archived external evaluations

A Report on Social Enterprise Training in the UK (2013)

In 2013 we contracted Mark Richardson, of Social Impact Consulting, to carry out research examining the training needs of social entrepreneurs in the UK.  The key findings, which we have used to shape our course offering, are available in this summary report.

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Scaling to Success Evaluation (2011)

Completed by Rocket Science, this evaluation looks at Scaling to Success, a 2010/2011 pilot training programme delivered by SSE.  The programme has since evolved to become ‘Replication and Social Franchising‘, which is still delivered each year.

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Impact Evaluation Report (2011)

New Philanthropy Capital completed an organisation-wide impact evaluation, looking at SSE’s impact from 1997 to 2011.

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SSE Cultural Leadership Programme (2008)

The New Economics Foundation evaluated the efficacy and transformative effect of the SSE approach and methodology. It looked at students of our Cultural Leadership Programme 2007/2008, and their organisations.

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