Whether you have an idea or an established social enterprise, the resource hub is full of content that will help you drive your organisation forward.

Ideas & starting up

Got an idea for a project that tackles a social or environmental problem? Take your first steps to starting it up.

How to start up in 10 steps

You’ve got an idea you think could make the world a better place. How do you go about turning it into a real business?

Find the money

Where can you find some money to get your project off the ground?

Growing & trading

Strengthen your social enterprise, charity, community business or impact project.

Developing a brand

Your brand says something about your project's identity and what you do.

An introduction to HR

HR involves all aspects of employing and managing people that work in your organisation.

Getting the price right

If you don't earn enough income for your products or services, you'll struggle to stay afloat.

Sustaining & scaling

Your project or social enterprise is established. Now you want to bring in more income, make it sustainable and perhaps scale it.

How to measure social impact

Measuring social impact helps you understand if you're creating the change you wish to see. It's also important for funders and partners.

Winning contracts

A lot of your skills as a social entrepreneur will stand you in good stead when aiming to win income from contracts.

Introduction to social replication

Social replication is about reproducing your way of creating impact in other geographic areas or markets. You'll increase impact and reach.

Social investment to grow

Generating income from trading? Social investment could help you to grow your social enterprise or charity.

How to stay motivated

Leadership can be a very lonely place. Here are our tips on staying positive when times are tough.