Somewhat paternal: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Cartoon of son standing on sleeping dad. The son says, "Wake up, Dad! It's time to fearlessly face the day!"Hello. It’s me. Good to see you again. Things have changed slightly since the last Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You – I now have a son (Harry), which according to some means that I finally have to act like a grown up. What does this consist of? Changing nappies, listening to crying and sleeping less apparently. All good fun though.

Lots of news this week – if you sent something to me and it hasn’t been included it isn’t deliberate, I just haven’t caught up with all my emails yet. Enjoy your weekend – I’m off to France on Monday to watch England continue their path to European glory!


Edge Fund are offering grants of up to £3000 to ‘work that challenges abuses of power and aims to bring an end to the systems that cause injustice’ and that ‘creates long-term change in society by addressing the causes of injustice and inequality.’ You need to apply by July 3rd.

Fancy a donation of time, skills or money? If so, BeyondMe are looking for 30 charities or social enterprises they can match with professionals or businesses who will provide support on projects such as business modelling, strategic planning and employability coaching.

What do you call a bicycle built by a chemist? Bike-carbonate of soda! Fingers crossed that the jokes at SSE Fellow Jem Stein’s ‘jokes and spokes’ comedy night in London on 29th June. All proceeds go to Jem’s organisation The Bike Project, which fixes donations or second-hand bikes and donates them to asylum seeking refugees.

The government have produced a new guide detailing what charities and their trustees need to consider when fundraising from the public. Uniquely for a recently published government report there is no mention of Brexit, making it a real collector’s item.

Can social enterprise revive the ailing third sector? asks Andrew Brady. MP Susan Elan Jones is certainly a fan, believing that social enterprise offers ‘a practical solution in tight times‘.

The Open Food Network UK has just launched to make it easier for foodie social enterprises to sell and distribute local food. The platform allows you to create an online shop front and join an independent network, set up a Producer Shop and sell your products direct to customers, or create a Food Hub and sell products from multiple producers. To celebrate they are offering free and subsidised support, training and development to social enterprises working in disadvantaged areas. Applications close June 30th.

If you are a whizz with social media SSE Fellow Barbara Wilson is on the search for a volunteer who can offer a couple of hours support a week to her social enterprise Working with Cancer. If you are interested (or know someone who is) please contact Barbara for further information: [email protected]

Business in the Community are accepting applications to their arc social enterprise support programme from across all London boroughs. If you would like access to expert volunteers from corporates, subsidised services including training and business development opportunities take a look at their website. Applications close today (17.06) so be very quick!

SSE Fellow Jude Habib is organising ‘Being the Story’ on Friday 16th September in London for charities and other socially minded individuals. The day will bring together a range of storytellers from social entrepreneurs, filmmakers, bloggers, photojournalists, charity staff, campaigners to share their views, ideas and experiences – think TED talks meets the charity sector. You can find out more here.

A couple of awards for you to enter: the UK Social Enterprise Awards 2016, run by Social Enterprise UK, recognise the outstanding work carried out by the leading social enterprises in the country as well as the achievements of others who support the movement through market building or investment. Social Enterprise Scotland are also looking for nominations to their awards (with a number of categories open to social enterprises from across the UK). Still no category for ‘best newsletter sent on a Friday which rips off the name of a BBC panel show’, however.

Finally, after four years of sterling service to SSE our project officer Antonia is bidding her farewells today and moving to Canada. She doesn’t want a fuss, but I’ve chosen to ignore her wishes and write a rather poignant haiku for her:

Bye Antonia

You’re moving to Vancouver

It gets quite cold there.

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