Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You: Rebooted

A very wise man reminded me earlier this week that ‘a change is as good as a rest’. Never one to ignore advice, I decided that it was time to go full Gok Wan and give Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You a makeover.  The content will remain the same though; useful links buried amongst inane babble and appalling puns.

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Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Here’s this week’s news:

  • Mark your diary, set an alarm, tell a friend or five.  Applications for the Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland Social Entrepreneurs Programme open on Monday. Application forms will be available to download then, but you are able to book to attend a taster session now.


  • If you are thinking about starting out as a social entrepreneur, this is an interesting read by Reese Fernandez of Rags2Riches looking back on her 8 years running the organisation:  ‘this love for the work is no longer one that is giddy and romantic. It is steady, grounded and hard working.’


  • Deloitte has published its 2015 Millennial survey which explores what ‘tomorrow’s leaders think of today’.  What’s interesting is the emphasis that Millenials place on social impact and the triple bottom line; Deloitte surmise that ‘business should focus on people and purpose, not just products and profits in the 21st century’. Hear hear.



  • If you are in Edinburgh on 11th March, The Melting Pot will be celebrating International Women’s Day by hosting a ‘Women Social Entrepreneurs’ Chat Show‘.  Amongst the lineup is SSE Fellow Sylvia Douglas.



  • arc, Business in the Community’s social enterprise support programme is open for applications (deadline to apply is 27/02). The support menu includes: expert business leaders for advice and project delivery, profiling and new business opportunities and subsidised social impact consultancy, training and premises. Who is it for? Ambitious social enterprises creating employment in East and West London that want to grow their business.  Register your interest here.



Upcoming courses at SSE:

Have a good week!


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