Slides from our Working With Corporates workshop.

We ran our Working With Corporates workshop again in July, here are the slides that provided an overview through the day:

We were fortunate to be joined by some outstanding speakers during the day:

  • Natalie Tucker – Senior Manager, Three Hands
  • Emma Mortoo- Corporate Development Manager, School Home Support
  • Su Pickerill – Community Investment Manager, Wates Group Services
  • Peter Weiss – Partner, Simmons, Muirhead & Burton
  • Liz Cope – Senior CR Advisor (Global) Linklaters LLP

If you’re interested in booking a place on the next course, you can do so here: 

Not watching the golf: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

You’d rather be watching the golf than reading this wouldn’t you? You can admit it. I’d certainly rather be watching the golf than writing it. But needs must and I haven’t yet found a way to include watching golf in my job description (I’m working on it though, believe me).

For now though, I’m bunkered down in the office which means that I’m sending you this instead. Fore!


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Almost free of waffle: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

I’m going to keep the waffle to a minimum this week as there is a lot of news to get through – as ever, thank you to everyone who sent something to me – it certainly makes my life a lot easier and I’m all for an easy life. A geography teacher once wrote in my school report ‘if David was any more laid back he’d be horizontal’ which I took as high praise but my parents took as meaning that I didn’t really give a damn. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, I guess…

Enjoy the news and have a great weekend.


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Re-re-wind: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

For the purposes of this newsletter I have invented a time machine, into which you are invited. Come on, you can all squeeze in. Now, where are we heading? 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 party like it’s 1999 1998 1997. Boom, we’ve arrived. Look over there, it’s a fresh faced Tony Blair singing Things Can Only Get Better. If only he knew…

I would suggest we go for a quick alcopop (Hooch and Bacardi Breezers are huge at the moment) but I’m now only sixteen and we’ve got an appointment in Bethnal Green. Why Bethnal Green? Because a man called Michael Young is there and he’s currently setting up a brand new organisation called the School for Social Entrepreneurs…

That’s right, this week we’ve celebrated our 20th birthday. So let’s revisit ’97, and let’s do it through musical hits of the year.


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Twit Twoo…Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Today is world social media day (#SMDay). Do you tweet? I find it’s a great way to fill the time between meetings at work. My working day often looks like this: come in, tweet about having a meeting soon, have meeting, tweet about what happened in the meeting, tweet about having lunch soon, have lunch, tweet about my lunch, have a meeting, tweet about going home soon, go home. You can follow all this @davemcglashan, if you need to fill that particular void.

I had some time between tweeting and meetings this week, so I’ve crunched the numbers – since 2009, I’ve sent 23,100 tweets (each one a highly profound and extremely amusing commentary on modern life, obvs). If each tweet was 140 characters long, that’s 3,234,000 characters. The average word is 5 characters long (I Googled it), so 3234000 ÷ 5 = 646,800 words. By comparison, War and Peace contains 587,287 words. Take that, Tolstoy.

Enjoy this week’s news…

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