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Are you excited? I’m excited. Why am I excited? Because this week Facebook updated the like button to include emojis, giving me a whole new range of ways to demonstrate complete indifference to pictures of people’s holidays / news of family gatherings / updates about what they had for dinner. It’s a brave new world and I like it (smiley face). So this week I’ve spent all my time on Facebook ‘working’, you can see what I found below.

No news next week as I’ll be in Norfolk with no access to a computer, so I’ll see you in a few weeks. Have a good weekend!


20039af01b66b23c31c295c7da63d203The Better Community Business Network are feeling generous…

And that’s because they have grants of up to £3000 to give to ‘small but credible community projects, which are able to demonstrate the positive impact that they add to the local community.’


dbd57bcbb3fff7245025a39061012200ICSF are feeling inquisitive…

They are looking at developing a scalable co-working space concept to bring together small business/social enterprise and freelancers outside London to create more and better jobs. To better understand this space, they need to speak to people who are heading up small enterprises either in towns outside London or rural areas, to hear about their experiences – the pros, cons, challenges that come from not working in the capital.  Contact [email protected] if you’d be willing to take part in a 15 minute phone call, or complete this 5 minute survey if you are pushed for time.


a038e6d3f342253c5ea3c057fe37b41fBig Society Capital are excited about their new Good Finance website. 

It’s still in beta but Good Finance aims to help improve access to information on investment and finance for charities and social enterprises. At the moment there’s some useful information introducing social investment and impact measurement, as well as a handy glossary.


3d8a668296408b192db1503b680e6475Social & Emotional Wellbeing Support Service have invited you to an event. 

SEWSS is hosting ‘Doing Good,Feeling Well – Health and Wellbeing for All‘ at Portsmouth Guildhall on Thursday 3rd March. The event features local organisations who support wellbeing in different ways, for example by providing arts and crafts, social activities, or advice and support, and there is a programme of free workshops and training sessions.

There are loads of SSE students and Fellows involved in the day’s events, with workshops from Gendered Intelligence, Junior Smart, Carolyn Barber, Anita Usai and information stands and activities from Autism Isolation No More, Top Banana Circus, Seekers Social Enterprize, Lily and Lime LD and the Social & Emotional Wellbeing Support Service. It’s completely free!


e5c593d002c453841f4f996e6a85d896PwC want to give you an award. 

The UK Private Business Awards are open for nominations, and there is a Social Enterprise of the Year Award.



8acc5e3fdaef21a70f196eb15f237d1fThe Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust want to be friends with you.

If you are working with children and young people you can apply for a grant of up to £3000 – applications open on March 1st.



79cf2b46fd84bebb8a8a605b7f80a3c1Ian Baker has shared ‘Sustainable funding models: Trading and Social Enterprise’ with you.

Our Transition to Trading course begins at the end of next month (what do you mean you haven’t booked a place yet?). Ahead of that, here’s a short presentation that our Head of Learning Ian Baker delivered looking at Sustainable funding models: Trading and Social Enterprise.


a3952facc7af4d6dfc319c22a78258c2Daniela Papi-Thornton don’t need no hero baby. 

Tackling Heropreneurship is a good article tackling the dangers of ‘an era of heropreneurship, where reverence for the heroic social entrepreneur has led countless people to pursue a career path that promises opportunities to save the world, gain social status, and earn money, all at the same time”.


Practical Action are shaping the future.68b6f1578db41d95cfe8e7b2398d843c

And you can help them on 10th-11th March at the Centre for Carbon Innovation in Edinburgh. It’s an opportunity to engage with leading experts in open technology, innovation and circular economy. You’ll  explore challenges and opportunities to disrupt technology innovation systems for social good and sustainable development. Absolutely free to attend.


b72c7fcbef87f56a17da0c67b5c2a19aBeer Here will be posting under the influence.

Finally, meet up Beer Here (definitely the best name for a meet up) are hosting their next event in Dalston on Wednesday 9th March. This month they are looking at food; how we can do food differently and the big food debates of the day – from obesity to sustainability, and from labour rights to politics.

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