Coughing its way into to the weekend: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You


Hands up if you’ve also been suffering with a cold? Yuck. I’ve definitely not been on top form. Based on the amount that I’ve spent with them this week, staff at Lemsip are going to have a lavish Christmas party this year. But hey, it’s Friday, it’s nearly the weekend, it’s sunny outside and there’s a load of interesting news for you to read through this week.



Bids have been flying in for our exciting ‘pay-what-you-want’ auction for our Leadership Development course which starts next month. If you missed the email earlier in the week, you can bid for a place and the 12 highest bids will win a place on the course. Go on, you may be pleasantly surprised. (To bid, follow the link, hit the ‘book your place’ button at the bottom of the page and it will take you through to an online form. If it doesn’t work for some reason, let me know).

An interesting scheme from NCVO: ‘A Day In The Life‘ allows staff from voluntary sector organisations shadow someone working in government for a day and vice versa. No word on whether you need to get involved in any porcine-related initiation ceremonies.

I enjoyed this blog from Joe Saxton of NFP Synergy: In Good Company; how we can take corporate partnerships into new dimensions. There are some sensible comments below the post too.

Kieron Kirkland of the Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology has written two short blogs about ‘what you should really know about grant makers and probably never realised’. Part one is here and part two is here. (If you want to meet some funders in real life, come to our Sources of Funding workshop in Nov).replika ure

We’ve only got about 5 places left on our Online Marketing Masterclass with marketing specialists Grow on October 9th. If you want to get to grips with Facebook advertising, Google Ads, blogging and more then come along. Use the promotional code ‘lastchance’ when you make your booking and you’ll get a £60 discount.

Scale Up student Rebecca White is running a crowdfunding campaign for her organisation Your Own Place to support young homeless people into employment. It’s a great campaign; you can find out more, and back the campaign, here.

SSE Fellow Abi Billinghurst is recruiting a Young Women’s Associate for her organisation Abianda, which provides a one-to-one service for gang-affected young women in Islington. It’s an exciting role with the opportunity to be at the centre of developments within Abianda as the organisation grows. The role is co-located within the Islington Integrated Gangs Team and is a great opportunity to be part of an innovative and multi-disciplinary team responding to gangs and youth violence.

Three bits of funding available that may be of interest: 1. Starbucks Youth Action for young people aged 16-24. 2. Children in Need Small Grants Programme (apply by December 1st). 3. Citybridge Trust Stepping Stones Fund for organisations that have a presence in London.

Finally, keep an eye out next week for the launch of our Social Entrepreneur of the Year award. Your vote will help decide which of five finalists will win a prize of £10,000. Details will be on our website and on Twitter (@schsocent) on Monday.

What’s on at SSE?

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