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Image: Catherine Bebbington/Parliamentary Copyright

Image: Catherine Bebbington/Parliamentary Copyright

I have taken part in many events around the country and had conversations with many people about what they thought of email newsletters. Many people told me they thought that newsletters were too theatrical, that Have I Got Social Enterprise was out of touch and too theatrical, and they wanted things done differently. So I thought, in this newsletter, I would do it in a slightly different way.

So I sent out an email to thousands of people and asked them what questions they would like to put to Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You and I received 40,000 replies.

There is not time to ask 40,000 questions today, so here is a selection of those that came in…


My first question comes from Marie, who asks “I need an overview of the social enterprise sector. Growth, impact, that sort of thing. Any ideas?”

Thank you Marie for an excellent question, which is very well timed. Just this week Social Enterprise UK launched the State of Social Enterprise Survey 2015 which covers everything that you are asking for and more. If you want some information on the wider UK charity sector, take a look at this report from NFP Synergy.

Next, I have a question from Steven, who would like to know “With the growing refugee crisis, is there anything that social entrepreneurs can do to help?”

Yes Steven, there is. Our good friends at Unltd have this week announced a £100,000 fund for social entrepreneurs who wish to establish a venture, or develop a new service at an existing venture, to work with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

Cemal has written to me with this question: “Do you know anyone who would like a discounted ticket to next week’s SEUK National Housing Federation event in Birmingham? I have a ticket but can no longer make it. I can sell it for £150 (it’s usually £345)”. 

Thanks Cemal. If any of the good readers of Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You would like to purchase the ticket, please email the Honourable Gentleman at [email protected].

Moving on, Paul would like to know “Is it possible to find out more about Social Investment Tax Relief anywhere? Ideally on the 29th September?”

Good news Paul! Big Society Capital have a ‘Social Investment Tax Relief Made Simple‘ webinar happening on the 29th, although it’s aimed more at providers and advisers.

If you’re interested in the bigger social investment picture, why not come to our Unlocking Social Investment workshop on October 21st?

Our next question comes from Claire. Claire would like to know “Is there a presentation available online which will help me to plan a new social venture?”

Wow, Claire, indeed there is. It’s almost as if these questions aren’t in fact genuine questions but have in fact been written to suit everything that has happened in the news this week. This Social Enterprise Planning Guide should really help.

Janeen was kind enough to contact me this week. She writes “I’m an SSE Fellow and need to raise awareness of my crowdfunding campaign to help me support at risk girls in Barbados. Can you help?”

Certainly Janeen. If every subscriber to this newsletter contributed you would smash your target. Readers can back you here.

Angela has contacted me, asking “Do you know of any volunteering opportunities to which I could apply?”

Thank you for your question Angela. If you would like to volunteer within an organisation set up by an SSE Fellow, Experts by Experience currently have two positions available, a Finance Strategy Volunteer and an Executive Assistant Volunteer. Hopefully one of those will suit you.

Emma has also been in touch. She asks “At CAN we’re launching an exciting new programme of support for organisations looking to boost their mid-stage development fast. On offer is combination of CAN’s sector-leading acumen in providing high quality, affordable charity office space (CAN Mezzanine) with CAN Invest’s unrivalled expertise in social impact, business advisory and investment services. Can you help spread the word?”

Glad to. Readers can find out more about the scheme here.

I have a letter from Charlotte, who asks “Do you know an experienced consultant with a proven track record in delivering community-based research who could undertake a feasibility study on the Aylesbury Estate?”

I’m afraid I don’t off the top of my head Charlotte. I will put your question to the readership, however, who may well be able to help you. All the details are here.

Our final question comes from Heather. “I was devastated to miss last week’s Working with Corporates workshop, which I am told was a rousing success. Is there anywhere that I can read a summary of the day?”

Head over here, Heather, where I cobbled together a few thoughts.

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