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Hello from the USA! USA! USA!

How’s it all going that side of the pond? This week’s Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You is a little bit different, as I’m on ‘vacation’ and haven’t been paying attention to much of what’s been going on in the world of social enterprise (shocking, I know).

So, I’m going to nick a format that the tv show Friends used to use once a series and look back at some of the most popular links of the year so far. They tend to be more ‘how to’ style articles than the news which I’ve filtered out as it’s often no longer news.

Have a great weekend and normal service will resume next week – i’m off into Boston now followed by a baseball game tomorrow!


This year’s news so far: 

The one with the guide to writing a press release.

The Guardian put together a guide to writing an effective press release, and they should know surely? 

The one with the guides for start up entrepreneurs. 

This is one of my favourite links of the year – it just looks so pretty! Social Good Guides are a collection of resources for start up organisations, from social media through to funding and business planning. 

The one with zen.

How do CEOs stay calm? was a question posed on social network Quora earlier in the year. Answer flooded in from CEOs all over the world. (My own tip: employ someone who writes a weekly newsletter. They are invaluable.). 

The one by our Chair of Trustees. 

SSE’s Chair of Trustees Charlotte Young shares her tips on how to build a board for your social enterprise. 

The one with all the numbers.

How could you not like an article called ‘The Ultimate Guide to Price Strategy‘? It is really, really good. 

The one with all the controversy. 

Back in April Jake Hayman put finger to keyboard to write ‘Not Fit For Purpose: Why I’m Done With the Foundation World‘. Good article, good discussion below it.

The one with all the jargon.

Core costs. Expression of interest. Retrospective funding. Not only do they sound like the names punk bands that you’d expect to see in the back room of The Dog and Duck but they are also terms that funders like to use. But what do they all mean?

The one with the advice.

A guide from Big Lottery Fund on how to complete a funding application to the highest standard. ‘Avoid buzzwords or jargon’. So read the article above and then ignore all of those words! 

The one that isn’t set in London.

Way back in January the Guardian put together a list of 2014’s most read international social enterprise pieces. A 2014 list in a 2015 list. How about that?

What’s on at SSE:

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