Difficult to read and rather annoying: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You


Yesterday was National Poetry Day
So this is written in rhyme, I hope it’s ok.
It’s a little annoying, that much is true
But that’s often the way, with Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You.


An Ode to Things That Seem A Good Idea When You Start Them:

We’ll start with a piece of lovely news
an award for a Fellow for you all to peruse.
Well done Yvonne and her organisation Breathe
who won a trophy in Lambeth (details beneath):

Where to next? Bradford? Watford?
Maybe later, but here’s some funding news in Oxford.

This next section is going to be difficult to rhyme
But I’ll just have to try it, line by line:
If you want some advice on IP protection
It’s important to make the right workshop selection.
Untld have partnered with Maltby and Squires
to deliver “Protecting and Nurturing the DNA of your enterprise“, to meet your desires.
Sessions in London (15th, 6-9pm) and Birmingham (20th, 9am) during October
It’s free to attend (but please turn up sober).
“How do I get involved?” I hear you desperately hail
Simple, send [email protected] a short email.

On we proceed, with this terrible poem
Containing none of the rhythm of, say, Leonard Cohen.
I’d like to say that it’s going to improve
I’m afraid it’s not but on with the news
If you fancy pitching for a £1000
Head to this YTFN event and make positive sounds.

Do you have any plans for this upcoming weekend?
Social Saturday is a must, more important than sleeping
This year’s super event could be epoch-making
Especially for these 10 social brands that are worth celebrating.

Now we turn to an outfit named Streetsmart
Working to give the homeless a fresh start
They’re giving grants to organisations that help them persist
So get in touch if you can assist.

Don’t worry, we’ve nearly reached the end
Of probably the worst poem that’s ever been penned.
But before we finish there’s a couple more shouts
Including “What it’s like to be a social care spin out

Finally details of a course in the Midlands
Described by some as the back bone of England
On the 3rd November they’ll be Working With Corporates
If you can, go along, it’s mighty important.

So there we have it, you read it all through
Haven’t you got something better to do?
I’m only joking, not being snide
Please don’t be angry and hit unsubscribe.

Coming up at SSE

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One thought on “Difficult to read and rather annoying: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

  1. Excellent poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still laughing at “Please don’t be angry and hit unsubscribe”!!!!!

    Just subscribed!!