In the jungle, the mighty jungle: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Have you been watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here? Don’t judge me, it’s perfect TV escapism on a cold November night.

For those of you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing, the premise of the show is fairly simple: a group of ‘celebrities’ (you won’t have heard of most of them) are left to fend for themselves in the rainforest in Australia. While there, they carry out a series of fairly mundane and repetitive tasks (called Bushtucker trials) in order to earn stars that earn them a meal that evening. The tasks are made harder and more unpleasant by adding an element of physical or mental jeopardy – one of the tasks this week involved contestants suspended in a glass box 50 feet in the air that was filled with rats and various creepy crawlies.

It all seems very far removed from reality, until you look at more closely. Think about it: this week, I have come to work to perform various tasks in order to earn money to pay for a meal each evening. I have carried out these tasks at my desk, which is contained within a glass box-like office on the second floor, about 20 foot in the air. We have a mouse problem, one could run across my feet at anytime. All that’s missing are Ant and Dec.

There’s only one thing for it: “I’m a School for Social Entrepreneurs employee, get me out of heeeeeeeeeeeere…”

Enjoy the news.



I got 439,200 seconds to go

At 11am today there will be just 439,200 seconds until we close applications for our Community Business Trade Up programme. (I know you’ve done the maths already, but just to confirm that’s 1pm on Wednesday). If you are running an organisation or project that exists to improve your local neighbourhood, village or town and you would like to grow your income from trading, make more impact and become more sustainable then click below for more info.

Just here

As rare as hen’s teeth

Odd expression that. Still, it’s not often that one of our Measuring Social Impact courses doesn’t sell out but we still have a couple of places on our course taking place at the end of the month. If you want to come on what I believe is officially the best two-day Measuring Social Impact course taking place on 27th + 28th November in London facilitated by nef consulting in the entire world then you should book your place soon.

You can do so here

Here’s one I made earlier

Once you’ve been on the Measuring Social Impact course and you’ve gathered all your impact data the next thing to do is to put an impact report together. Looking for an example of one? Well, Social Investment Business have recently released theirs, giving a bit of insight into one of the longest track records in social investment (£400m+ over 17 years).

You can read it here

A – Z

When I first moved to London I had to queue up every week to buy a paper zone 1-3 weekly travel card, which I’d invariably lose at least once a month. Now, if I wanted, I could pay for my journey to work using my mobile phone. Mind blowing. (I don’t because I always worry about my battery running out. Same with plane boarding cards. No way I’m risking that one). But now London needs some new ideas, so the 2019 Civic Innovation Challenge is open…

The  programme will bring together tech startups, leading organisations and London communities to co-create innovative solutions to complex social challenges. There’s an opportunity to be awarded a £40k public sector contract to pilot your solution and grow your business, with support from GLA, Microsoft and Social Tech Trust to co-design and refine your proposition with Londoners.

Apply by 12th December

Ho ho ho

I know Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You readers are an efficient lot and you all did your Christmas shopping months ago but if you’ve got a couple of extra gifts to buy our friends at Social Enterprise UK have just published their Christmas gift guide. Yes, it contains some socks for your dad.

Read it here

Does what it says on the tin

Yesterday was Social Enterprise Day, a day dedicated to all things er, social enterprise (the name kind of gives it away, doesn’t it?). The team at Thomson Reuters gathered the views of some of the world’s foremost experts in the sector (including SSE India’s CEO Shalabh) to discuss how social entrepreneurship has evolved in the past few years and what should happen next.  

See what they said here

The job bit

SSE Scotland are looking for a part time (2.5 days) programme administrator (£20k pro rata) to provide effective and efficient administration & logistical support to the whole SSE Scotland Team. The role is home based, as long as you can get to Edinburgh once a month for a team meeting, raising the possibility of some Planes, Trains and Automobiles type escapades. Deadline to apply is 4th December.

Breathe Arts Health Research have an exciting full time Head of Development (£40k) role based in London. Founded by SSE Fellow Yvonnne Farquharson, Breathe is a really cool social enterprise; they’ve picked up loads of awards including Action for Children’s Arts Outstanding Contribution Award, NHS England’s Innovation Challenge Award, PwC’s Social Entrepreneurs Club Award and Nesta’s ‘New Radicals’ accolade. Apply by 24th November.

Impact Hub Kings Cross have a vacancy for a programme administrator (£21k) to assist on  programmes for sustainable and socially conscious food start ups. It’s a 6 month contract with a view to be extended in the future (subject to funding). Apply by December 4th.

Read all about it

Finally, I hope this link works (it points to Twitter) but there’s a lovely bit of coverage in the Metro for SSE Fellow Rose Deakin and her social enterprise The Crop Club, which helps people to grow their own food.

You can see it here

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