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Well then, we have a new Prime Minister. In separate news, yesterday was hot enough in London to think that the entire city had been relocated to the gates of hell. These incidents are of course entirely unrelated and there is no direct correlation between the two. We also have an entirely new Cabinet. I once bought a new cabinet in Ikea, only to get home and discover that most of the screws were missing. Again, no relation between these two tidbits. Honestly.

But while governments and politicians come and go (and then often come back and go again), charity and social enterprise news carries on regardless. Here’s everything going on this week…


Fight for your right to…influence policy

With our political class seemingly staging a live action reworking of Lord of the Flies, a well timed article arguing that ‘nonprofits that engage in political activity benefit themselves, those they serve, and the political system as a whole’. It’s based on the US system, but most of it holds true this side of the Atlantic.

Read ‘Getting Political Is Good for Everyone’ here

Bucket list

I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want…actually I won’t, but I can tell you what a whole host of charities want from Boris Johnson. More money and fewer bridges, I imagine.

Find out more here

The revolution starts here

After a hard morning of toil there’s nothing that the workers at SSE enjoy more than their lunchtime bowl of gruel. Sometimes, we’re even allowed outside for a few moments, which is extra nice.

But how the other half live. It was revealed this week that our managing director Nicola dines on salmon salads. Not just your regular salmon salad either – a gourmet salmon salad. Jeepers. I don’t even know what a gourmet salmon is, but I’m guessing it contains gold. Where did I find this information out? In a new ‘Ladies who Lunch’ article by Pioneers Post.

Which you can read here

For the many, not the few

Approximately 90% of Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You readers are yet to complete our 2019 Training Survey. Come on, it’s Friday – take the survey and you’ll be ten minutes closer to home time.

Take the survey here

Ho ho ho

All this hot weather has made me think of one thing this week: Christmas. Only 151 days to go. It’s also on the mind of law firm Orrick, who are currently organising their first Shop For Good Christmas Market, taking place on 12th November at their offices in the City of London. They have a few stalls available – if you are interested in taking part, email Amy Grunske – [email protected] – and she can give you all the info that you need.

If you build it, they will come

Co-op Foundation are offering interest free loans of up to £50,000 ‘towards viable business ideas that will benefit the whole community – particularly those facing greater challenges’. In some cases, they will offer a grant alongside the secured loan. Those of you who need more details, this explains how a secured loan works. If you own or manage a building or outdoor space that’s used for a wide range of community activities it looks well worth checking it out.

Details here

Question time

Right then quiz fans – do you know who founded the UK’s first door to door parcel delivery service? Turns out it was a chap called William Sutton. He also lends his name to the William Sutton Prize, which recognises ‘ground breaking new ideas which will make a positive impact on a community’. There are two prizes of £20,000 available, one for Social Innovation and one for Placemaking and Affordable Housing Design. Entries need to be made by 12 noon on Wednesday 31st July 2019.

Apply here

Crack the code

10 CLS

20 PRINT “Do you know understand the role that IT can play in achieving strategic objectives?”

30 PRINT “Can you translate business requirements into IT solutions?”

40 PRINT “Then you might like to apply to the Head of Information Systems role that we are currently recruiting at SSE London. It’s a chunky role, paying £51,685 -£57,428 (subject to skills and experience). Deadline to apply is 5th August at midday.

50 PRINT “You can find out more here

60 END

Magic money tree

A bumper list of 150 UK small business grants that you can apply to – they aren’t all suitable for charities / social enterprises and a lot of them are regional but in a list this long there should be something of interest…

See the list here

Are you experienced?

SSE North West are looking for passionate, socially minded and dedicated individuals to join their Advisory Board. These voluntary, unpaid positions will play an integral role in ensuring that SSE North West continues to engage and empower Social Leaders from across the North of England. It’s a great opportunity to get involved with our school in Liverpool – make sure to pop them a C.V by 23rd August.

Find out more here

Helping hand

Also looking for a volunteer is SSE Fellow Greg Sanderson, co-founder of Smart School Councils, a a teacher-led charity based in London that aims to support every child UK to participate and lead change on the things that matter to them. Greg is looking for an experienced fundraiser to mentor him and help build organisational capacity to raise funds. If you can spare 3-4 hours a month, Greg would love to hear from you.

Details here

Escape to victory

Are you a women doing good in the world? Are you hungry for some time out, so you can get clear on your priorities, and move forward with focus and intention? Would you like to reconnect with your tribe, feel supported, and be part of a group of like-minded women? Or maybe you’ve suffered with burnout, and need some space to nourish yourself and to set some boundaries that serve you?

Well, The Escape learning journey to help you grow your sense of self, your confidence, and your possibilities. There are now just 3 spaces left for their September retreat in Kent.

You can find out more here

Phone home

If a work mobile phone could be useful to you, social enterprise SwitchAid has partnered up with Carphone Warehouse to offer registered charities and not for profits 100x free mobile phones to give away with Sim Only contracts.

There is no limit to the number of phones you can claim and you can pick & choose which sim only contracts are right for your needs.

Register your interest to claim yours on 31st July 2019.

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