Straight outta London…it’s Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Friday is usually a reason to be cheerful, but I’m heading to the dentist this afternoon to have a crown fitted.  Snakes, wooden lollipop sticks and going to the dentist make up the list of three things I most dislike, so this week’s news is coming to you tinged with fear…

Photo Credit: Jenn and Tony Bot via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Jenn and Tony Bot via Compfight cc

  • We’re heading north of the border for some Scottish news to kick things off.  Vote yes! Vote no!  Duncan Thorp of Social Enterprise Scotland takes a look at what might happen after the referendum: Social enterprise and Scotland’s future.



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  • Right at the other end of the country, SSE Hampshire fellow Steve Bomford and SSE North West fellow Rachel Owen have been hobnobbing with the Prime Minister at Downing Street.  Their organisation Company of Makers provide recycling workshops for Veterans in the Portsmouth area.


  • This is really cool, and a great example of one of this year’s big buzz-phrases, ‘the circular economy’.  A social enterprise based in Vancouver have managed to 3D print a wrench from plastic taken from the ocean.  I’ve always wondered what happens if you 3d print a 3d printer.



  • RSA have done a lot of work over the last 6 months or so supporting social entrepreneurs to run crowdfunding campaigns and have put together a blog of their work to date.


  • If you feel like getting involved with a crowdfunding campaign, current SSE London student Maria Brilliante is raising money to deliver a 4 day photo advocacy workshop in the Philippines.  The workshop will empower youth in the country to advocate against child poverty.  Well worth a donation.



  • This snuck passed me last week but it’s well worth including – Chairman of Big Issue and CEO of Big Issue Invest (and regular speaker at SSE) Nigel Kershaw has been sharing his social impact insights.



Have a good week! 


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