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Add a little bit of body textMy loyal subjects,

In the week in which one delivered one’s speech to the Lords and members of the House of Commons (or the Rogue’s Gallery, as Phillip once quipped) it gives one great pleasure to have also been invited to address the many readers of Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You. Readers of this fine newsletter are often spoken of as some of the most highly regarded citizens throughout my Commonwealth. Knight and Damehoods to you all!

I wish you all a most pleasant week.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II

(as told to @davemcglashan, who may now be in the Tower. Does this count as treason?)

  • It is important that all citizens within my kingdom are gainfully employed, so I am pleased to declare two vacancies at the School for Social Entrepreneurs: a communications assistant, who I believe will aid with the sending of telegrams, and also a business analyst. (We don’t have need for such a position at the Palace; the Windsors are taught to keep one’s business to oneself).
  • Even at the Palace, times are tight in this age of austerity. This year one even dropped out of the Sunday Times Rich List, and you know how frightful that can be. Therefore, my throne will be in place at the Sources of Funding workshop at SSE London on June 10th so that the upkeep of my castles can be ensured. One shall also look closely at Transition to Trading and try to secure one of the remaining discounted £750 places.
  • One may be surprised to learn that this regent is something of a ‘silver surfer’ and a regular visitor to the ‘world wide web’. Among the royal bookmarks this week is this splendid page which allows you peruse all available lottery funding. Also causing a stir in the Palace was this recently updated list of Top 150 Non-Profit Blogs (number 131 is a particular royal favourite).
  • Subjects living in Edinburgh and Manchester may wish to attend ‘B Corp for Lunch’, events taking place to introduce the B Corporation movement, a new network of companies and organisations ‘uniting in their goal to use business as a force for good’. The event in Edinburgh takes place on June 9th, and the event in Manchester is on June 10th.
  • If you are one of my most able subjects, then you should apply for the 2015 Gifted Citizen Prize, an internationally recognised award for social entrepreneurs. Winners will receive a grant of $100,000 (which one believes is one of those currencies without my picture on it).
  • My agriculturally minded son Charles drew attention to this tremendous scheme earlier this week: Growing Livelihoods, for ‘small-scale food growers trying to earn a livelihood’. Apply by 4th June to take part.
  • Speaking of Charles, if one does step aside for him to take the throne one may need to examine alternative career options. The School for Social Entrepreneurs and Executive Action’s ‘Do YOU want to become a social entrepreneur‘ event for those transitioning from one career to another would be worthy of royal attendance.

What’s on at SSE

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