Not Nostradamus: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

Well then. Who saw that coming? Certainly not me, who had put together a simply sensational Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You which entirely relied on a hung parliament. Seriously, it was incredible, I’d make a picture in Photoshop and everything. But now that’s all ruined. I guess I always have a career working for YouGov if it’s needed, with my visionary prediction skills.

I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with quite a straightforward addition then. But that’s probably the least of your worries this morning.


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Here’s this week’s news:

  • What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold obvs. And using obvs instead of obviously. And also our East of England school, who are currently recruiting for their Cool 10 Environmental Entrepreneurs programme. The 12-month course supports the development of 10 new environmental social entrepreneurs across Suffolk and Norfolk.
  • Social Enterprise UK have published the initial findings from their State of Social Enterprise survey which ‘shows social enterprises are outperforming regular businesses on growth and impact’. Take that regular business.
  • ‘If in doubt kick it out’. ‘Check yourself before you wreck yourself’. ‘In there like swimwear’. Now ‘Nail It Before You Scale It‘ can be added to the list of short rhyming phrases as Suzanne Biegel looks at the importance of an organisation having good foundations in place before looking to scale.
  • It’s exactly one month until our Marketing Masterclass with Alastair Inglis of We Are Grow. Alastair is a regular speaker on our longer courses at SSE London and always gets excellent feedback. Come along if you are after practical tips to help you start marketing your organisation more effectively. (I’ve been on one of his courses and thought it was ace).
  • The International Centre for Social Franchising is looking for a new UK Director. If you get the job you can come and speak on our Replication and Social Franchising course!

What’s on at SSE?

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