I guess now it’s time that you came back for good -Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You

A dual purpose headline that not only reflects the fact that I’m back from holiday but also acts as a tribute to Jason Orange, who this week announced that he was quitting Take That. (He was one of the ones that isn’t Gary, Mark or Robbie).


Besides idle celebrity tittle-tattle, this week’s Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You picks up on the best bits from around the sector while I was away.  There’s quite a lot…! 

  • Our Chief Executive Ali took part in a learning seminar on ‘Generating income to reduce grant dependence’ at the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.  You can read all about it here. 
  • Some sector jobs – HAGA (Haringey Action Group on Alcohol) are recruiting a SHINE co-ordinator for their new SHINE Enterprise Centre (applications by the 20th September.  ICSF (International Centre for Social Franchising) are recruiting for a full time consultant.
  • Nesta are providing grants of up to £10k to organisations to developing interesting research projects and policy proposals in fields that relate to innovation but where Nesta do not have a big programme in place.  (Thanks to Claudia Demuth for the link).
  • Are you an Islington based social entrepreneur who likes Play-Doh?  If you are, then Play-Doh Pitch is the event that you’ve been waiting for.  The next event is on October 7th and it’s co-hosted by SSE student Joanna Bevan.  If Play-Doh isn’t enough to swing it for you, there will also be cocktails.
  • SSE London student Lisa Stepanovic’s project is based at the Ian Mikardo school, which features in a Channel 5 documentary ‘Too Tough To Teach’ on Monday at 9pm.  Trailer here
  • SSE East of England Fellow Mona Shah is crowdfunding for her fantastic organisation Harry Specters.  It involves chocolate!!
  • SSE Cornwall are hosting ‘Tea, Cake and (good) Conversation’, a networking event on Thursday 2nd October from 4-6pm at SSE Cornwall Hub.  Details on their Facebook page.

Our October courses:

Have a good week!


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