Student Spotlight: Alcohol free socialising

Meet Pravin, founder of My New Canvas

Pravin is a student on the 2013/ 14 Fellowship programme in London

My idea

For a number of years now in addition to my day job I have regularly been involved in bits of voluntary work.  In one role I look after a regular list of speakers who go into a treatment centre in Portsmouth to talk about their experiences living in recovery after treatment. In another I’m involved in a similar voluntary commitment working with younger lads at Feltham Young Offenders, who have been affected by drugs and alcohol.

As somebody who also doesn’t drink, I’ve always felt that there is a lack of places to go at night that have a good social atmosphere and are alcohol free – this appears to be the case in most cities, not just Portsmouth where I live.

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Student Spotlight: Transforming school meals

Meet Caroline, Chief Executive of Local Food Links

Caroline is a student on Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2013/14

What do we do?

Local Food Links (LFL) is a social enterprise which provides great quality hot lunches to schoolchildren in Dorset.  Dorset was one of 3 counties in the country to get rid of school meals completely for more than 20 years. This legacy means that the culture of schoolchildren having a hot meal at lunchtime has been eroded and we have had to work very hard to convince children, parents, staff and head teachers that a nutritious and delicious meal will be good for children and help their learning.

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Student Spotlight: Social action through social networking

Meet Jyotveer, founder of AnonCare.

What is AnonCare?

AnonCare is a global social network that brings people together- patients, carers and healthcare providers- to share compassion for those who as a result of a condition may be feeling lonely and isolated. I aim to utilise AnonCare to create a dynamic shift to the way care is provided in the community, merging the latest in technology and age old values to help improve patient outcomes.

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Student spotlight: Social Enterprise Jewellery

Meet Florence, Founder of Sweet Cavanagh.

What is Sweet Cavanagh?

We are a peer-led aftercare service for women recovering from eating disorders and addictions. We employ the women and teach them how to make and design jewellery. There is next to no after care in London, especially for free. I strongly believe that much of relapse could be avoided if there was adequate after care in place to support people as they entered that very vulnerable stage of recovery.

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