Student Spotlight: Social action through social networking

Meet Jyotveer, founder of AnonCare.

What is AnonCare?

AnonCare is a global social network that brings people together- patients, carers and healthcare providers- to share compassion for those who as a result of a condition may be feeling lonely and isolated. I aim to utilise AnonCare to create a dynamic shift to the way care is provided in the community, merging the latest in technology and age old values to help improve patient outcomes.

Through specially developed features on the system, patients can manage their health record and meet like-minded people sharing similar experiences.

Don’t even get me started about AnonCare TV (!

I have always worked in healthcare communications, serving a variety of healthcare trust and communities. Understanding the health agenda allowed me to anticipate national requirements in improving patient care (which I am delivering through AnonCare). But instead of just empowering people with information I aim to use digital technology to empower people with shared values for the greater good – social action through social networking!

How does it work?

We are all social beings and although we endeavour to individually live healthier lives, this cannot be complete without social action for the common good, helping others to live and be better, which is exactly what AnonCare is about. What better way of to encourage people to live healthier lives than through the practice of these shared values?

AnonCare is an opportunity to go beyond self-interest and give of oneself for the good of the other. It is an exciting merger of the latest in technology and age old values.

Anyone can sign up to the compassion network for free and start engaging but what is special is that only healthcare providers can create care communities and publish articles and other resource for people to use. This way, we know all information is credible and it creates lots of choice and transparency for the regular users. These special ‘care provider’ accounts are activated through a code that can be purchased by organisations and care professionals.

We are also in the process of introducing some exciting new (non-digital) services, which I am convinced will change the way care is given across the globe. Please don’t ask me, because I will spill the beans. Stay tuned for more information!

What next?

We have already received much recognition for our digital innovation* and there are lots of exciting things planned for 2014! True success to me would be networking people across the globe to share care and compassion, helping them to feel, understand, and respond to the suffering of others while maintaining genuine relationships of caring across class, creed and boundaries.

It is a great privileged to be supported by the programme. Not only will I receive expert guidance and support, I will be networked with other social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making a difference in the local and wider community.

AnonCare is already networking people from the USA to patients in Birmingham and I am convinced that the support I will gain from SSE West Midlands will go far in creating inter-dependency in the community by helping people support one another.


This post was written by Jyotveer Singh Gill, Founder of AnonCare.

  • Sign up to the innovation at: and help share information that you may think would be useful to others.
  • If you are an organisation that is interested in having ‘care provider’ presence on the global care community, this can also be arranged. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

*Personal achievements include: being shortlisted for ‘Website of the Year’ by the Public Sector Communication Awards 2012 winning ‘Best use of Video’ by the Public Sector Communication Awards 2012. I never get tired of telling people that AnonCare was highlighted by NHS Institute as ‘high impact innovation’ (2012), endorsed by the United Nations International Charter for Compassion (2013) and more recently shortlisted for ‘Innovation of the Year’ by Social Media and Communication Awards 2013 (amongst MTV and AutoTrader).



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