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Online workshops

Our workshops help you develop the skills you need to progress and create change. They typically last a day or a couple of days.

  • Developing a Fundraising Strategy

    Delivered in: Online

    Who it's for: People who have at least some fundraising experience already, but want to develop a more strategic and sustainable approach

    In a nutshell: We’ll walk you through a comprehensive process for developing a smarter and more focused fundraising strategy, and share a number of powerful decision-making techniques.

  • Measuring Social Impact

    Delivered in: Online

    Who it's for: Anyone keen to learn how and why to measure social impact! No prior knowledge is required.

    In a nutshell: This three-day course is jam packed full of the information that you need to measure your impact successfully.

  • Digital Marketing and Press for Social Enterprises and Charities

    Delivered in: Online

    Who it's for: Suitable for beginners and those looking to refresh their digital marketing and press skills.

    In a nutshell: This workshop will focus how to find the best ways to reach new customers, through long term digital marketing and press strategies.

  • Creating a Theory of Change

    Delivered in: Online

    Who it's for: Anyone looking to bring the strategic lens of theory of change to their planning or evaluation. If you have an existing project, the course will offer the opportunity to map out your theory and gain feedback.

    In a nutshell: This workshop will explore what a theory of change is, how to construct one and best practice in conducting robust qualitative research.

  • Negotiation Skills and Pricing

    Delivered in: London

    Who it's for: Charities and social enterprises who want to increase their negotiation skills.

    In a nutshell: This practical course will improve confidence and self awareness around setting prices plus will help you to plan effectively for more formal negotiations to ensure a win-win outcome.

  • Writing Successful Bids

    Delivered in: Online

    Who it's for: An introductory course aimed at people who would like to learn some of the core principles for writing successful grant and funding applications.

    In a nutshell: This one-day bid writing course for charities and social enterprises will guide you through the steps that you need to take to make your organisation’s funding and grant applications more successful.

  • Ethical Fundraising and Problematic Philanthropy – a Talk and Q&A

    Delivered in: Online

  • Action Learning Facilitator Training

    Delivered in: London, Online

    Who it's for: Relevant to anyone who wants to add to their portfolio of tools and approaches or wanting to refresh their professional practice.

    In a nutshell: The course will boost your confidence, sharpen your facilitation skills, and equip you to facilitate Action Learning Teams in a wide range of settings.

  • Winning Grants from Trusts and Foundations

    Delivered in: Online

    Who it's for: People who have some bid writing experience already now looking to move to the next level.

    In a nutshell: This course will equip you with the tools you need to secure more funding from trusts and foundations, showing you how to identify valuable funder prospects, develop a more compelling case for support, write more impactful applications and build strong long-term relationships with funders

  • Finding New Customers And Making More Sales

    Delivered in: Online

    Who it's for: Anyone keen to get a comprehensive introduction to sales.

    In a nutshell: This one-day workshop will provide you with all the tools, techniques and help you will need to make finding new customers as straightforward as possible.

  • Strong Foundations Bristol (NEBES)

    Delivered in: Bristol, Online

    Who it's for: People in North and East Bristol looking to start a social enterprise or community business

    In a nutshell: 4 x 4 hour online sessions throughout July covering all the basics of starting a social enterprise.

  • Getting Started with Fundraising

    Delivered in: Online

    Who it's for: Anyone new to fundraising and keen to learn how to get started.

    In a nutshell: This course is designed to give you an overview of how fundraising works, what types of fundraising are appropriate for your organisation, and what you need to do next to begin securing grants and donations.