The power of franchising from Penwith to Sydney

It's a crazy busy time here at SSE, so blogging been a little squeezed. A few things that are going on are:

– the graduation of our two London programmes (on Thursday pm); see Weekly students and Block students for details of some of those completing their year with us; if you haven't been invited, and would like to come, drop me a line…if we're not drowning under the weight of 40 powerpoints, I might even reply ;0)

– the start of two new London programmes….and they are looking like featuring some great new people; can't wait to meet them all and find out more about their ideas, projects and the support they need

– we've also been attending the Skoll World Forum (round-up post to come), hosting a visiting Canadian delegation, and reading various reports (such as the Volans Phoenix 50 report)

But, most excitingly, on Wednesday of last week, two new franchises began their first programmes….in Cornwall (Penwith, to be more precise) and, drum roll, Sydney (in Australia, to be more obvious). Read a bit more about Cornwall in this article, and check out the details of the first ever Australian SSE-ers here.

Huge congratulations in all those involved in making both initiatives become reality, both within SSE and outside; such a huge achievement. Now we can get on with the important stuff: supporting these amazing individuals to fulfil their potential and create effective, sustainable change.

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