New Ashoka UK Fellows….

Just a quick note to say that I attended the Ashoka UK Fellows induction event last night. Despite (because of?) some dubious rapping and the odd eyebrow-raising moment in the speeches, I enjoyed it, and it was good to see lots of familiar and new faces over a glass of wine or two. But more importantly, it was (again) a privilege to be an external interviewer for Ashoka UK….because they work with and support good people. So congrats to Ben, Silvia and Catriona for last night's event, but particular congrats to the new Ashoka Fellows, who are no doubt waking up wondering why they have a bonsai tree on their mantelpiece as we speak…; they are:

– Tom Steinberg of MySociety
– Rob Hopkins of the Transition Network
– Junior Smart of SOS

Updates soon on the vast amounts of SSE activity going on, with new cohorts of students starting this week in Sydney and Cornwall……+ a London graduation of 40 social entrepreneurs next week on the same day as the G20….

And with that, I'm off to the Skoll World Forum in Oxford. You can follow proceedings on this blog, on SocialEdge, on Twitter (hashtag #swf09) and no doubt in a hundred other places.

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2 thoughts on “New Ashoka UK Fellows….

  1. Thank you for the post Nick! We all appreciate you taking the time to be there. I look forward to SSE’s Fellowship ceremony on Thursday. Will there be any rapping?

  2. I can pretty much guarantee that none of the staff will be rapping…and fewer bonsai trees…but hopefully a similar vibe of great people doing great things.