Wednesday round-up: induction, investment, inspiration

SSE YH Launch 1
So much going on, and so little time. No time to stand around like these people smiling and joking (see left). Here is my attempt at a round-up of recent major news and events int he social entrepreneurship world etc.I have picked out some highlights but you can read more of what we've been reading on the Twitter feed as well: @SchSocEnt

– SSE has recently started work in Lewisham, in Yorkshire (official launch article, and photo above; massive thanks to Campbell Robb from OTS & Saeeda Ahmed, Social Enterprise Ambassador + SSE Fellow), and the Ontario feasibility study is motoring along…and we've hosted the induction of our new Australian CEO Benny Callaghan over the last fortnight, which has made for a busy, if enjoyable schedule…

.- Event-wise, it's a smorgasbord of choice for social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. The Social Enterprise World Forum is currently going on in Melbourne, complete with SSE Australia staff and students. Follow #sewf09 on Twitter for live updates (through the night….) or to catch up.

– Then there's some more crackers coming up, including Good Deals: the National Social Investment Conference , the Guardian-organised Social Enterprise conference (more of a commissioning / public services theme) and, of course, Voice 10 coming up in Wales….and the ClearlySo Social Business conference as well.

– Hopefully they will all take a leaf out of this year's amazing Shine unconference (yes, SSE is a co-founder of the event, along with Ashoka UK, the Hub and UnLtd); for a sense of this year's event in May, check out this recent video by BeInspired:

– On with the rest; the Times reports that the third sector is increasingly the choice for graduates; Peter Jones goes younger, aiming at schools: Children need to be taught entrepreneur skills
(to which, we would say, they can't be taught…but they can be learned and nurtured and developed)

– From one Social Enterprise Ambassador to anotherl Craig Dearden-Phillips welcomes Peter Holbrook as the new CEO at Social Enterprise Coalition

– Interesting article from Stephen Bubb on the need for capacity-building in the sector (and making the case for it in the current climate)

– Great piece on SSE in the Guardian's housing supplement: A School for Social Entrepreneurs: we're the boss

– Further Guardian piece on the first 'embedded' social entrepreneur in the NHS; not convinced they are one as such (more a facilitator, development officer) but it's an interesting experiment….

– Inspired to read about the Sheila McKechnie Award-winners (for campaigning) and especially delighted  that Lea Misan, current SSE student, was a winner; and that Sam Akpabio (SSE Fellow) was a finalist. Well done all.

– And finally, best recent headline was definitely Social Enterprise Skyscraper; congrats to all those at Coin Street for showing perseverance, vision, and many other entrepreneurial qualities to get this done.

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