St George’s Day social enterprise round-up

In a radical change to the normal Friday round-up, a post-weekend run-down of recent news and views of interest:

Nigel Kershaw is a "dream catcher", according to the Guardian in this article….He’s certainly one of the biggest and brightest personalities in the sector, and this feature captures that well (sample snippet: "Kershaw thinks the comparison [of Big Invest] with private equity firms is "fucking marvellous" ").

– The Scarman Trust, which has been undergoing various internal changes (even consulting the Charity Commission), has formally announced its relaunch as of last week. See this article in New Start which reveals that Matthew Pike will return as Chief Executive, and head up a new Scarman Institute with a wider policy (and international) brief.

    The plan for the rest of the Trust includes "the creation of a UK network of community investment funds at a neighbourhood level, continuing work with social enterprises and coaching public sector agencies".

– Charities warned to not jump on the social enterprise bandwagon; a Cass report "urges organisations to resist pressure to develop a social
enterprise arm if they are not convinced there is an adequate market
for their product or service."

– The blog of Wouter Kersten is interesting; he’s part of the team running Enviu, a Dutch environmental organisations…recent posts of interest include facilitating a session with social entrepreneurs and the purpose of a new legal entity; the latter also includes the marvellous Dutch term for social entrepreneur: maatschappelijke onderneming

Lucy Bernholz points to a new blog with a variety of thinkers and practitioners in this wide field, over at Sharing Witness. You can sign up to various feeds, which includes Business and Social Entrepreneurship

– Kevin Jones of Xigi was telling me that their mapping led them to the finding that Lucy Bernholz was the most well-connected person on their network; I’m intrigued by Xigi, and am discussing various uses with Kevin….in the meantime, I’ve finally got round to mapping the SSE network (or some of it!); see what you think:

make your own map at
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