Podcasts, monetising, subscribing and doingtherightthing

A self-confessed mish-mash of a post coming up, thinly connected by the golden thread of blogging (possible title of memoirs no. 345: "The Golden Thread of Blogging"). Anyway, things for your attention:

INSEAD, whose Knowledgecasts I referred to in a previous podcast round-up, have started a new series called "Leadercasts". While some are probably more relevant than others to social entrepreneurs out there (i.e. leading a multinational pharmaceutical less so; leading for environmental and social impact more so), these are good quality, both in content and production

– Was interested to read that one of the few blogs focusing in this area (though more broadly: social entrepreneurship, CSR, international development, philanthropy etc.), Audeamus.com, is looking for a professional blogger to keep it going; I hadn’t realised the blogger was being paid, and surprised (naively?) to realise there was money in this field. Anyway, hopefully, someone as good as Audeamus part 1 will take over soon….

– Monetising the feed, or your RSS is also a recurrent message from our Feedburner account; thus far have resisted its wiles, and used it primarily to keep tabs on our subscribers via Google, Bloglines, Akregator, Newsgator, SharpReader, Yahoo and, marvellously, Zhuaxia. Zhuaxia, for those as ignorant as myself, is a "socialized RSS reader for Chinese web users", which signals our global reach….comments, suggestions and feedback always welcome from all subscribers, wherever you are

– And finally, sticking tenuously to the blog/web 2.0 theme, here’s an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, featuring not just web entrepreneurs, but web social entrepreneurs….social netpreneurs? Anyway, features Dotherightthing, Zaadz etc; see Responsibility is in their sites and have a read, despite the eye-wateringly bad headline pun…

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