Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You…

A bumper set of links this week – who said that August was a quiet month?

Launch of SSE West Midlands

We’re very excited that our West Midlands school will be launching on the 16th September.  Register to attend (or even exhibit!) – it will be a fun evening!

Join the Social Enterprise Alliance at the Party Conference

The Social Enterprise Alliance will be hosting fringe events at this year’s Party conferences – further details on the SEUK website.  No word yet if egg throwing is on the agenda.

Getting young people fluent in digital

SSE Fellow Sinead Macmanus (@sineadmacmanus) has just launched Fluency, a really exciting new venture which partners digitally savvy young people who need work with companies that need up-to-date digital skills.  Read all about it by clicking the link above.

Social enterprise in Indian slums

Really interesting piece in the Guardian, looking at how social enterprises are working in Indian slums to fill the void “where a dismissive government and overwhelmed charities fall short”.  Sounds familiar…

Dry bars: will they be the next big thing?

Based on the success of SSE Fellow Jacquie Johnston-Lynch’s project The Brink, the answer to this question is yes!

On Purpose – now open for applications

If you’re looking for a move away from the corporate world, On Purpose is a great starting point – they are now recruiting for their 2014 cohort.

Social entrepreneur brings light to the electric-less — with a soda bottle and some water

I love this – so simple, but so effective.  There’s a good video here showing the light in action.

This post is by SSE’s Enterprise Officer, David McGlashan. You can follow him on Twitter @davemcglashan

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