“So long for now” from an SSE intern

And there it goes: my one month internship at the School for Social Entrepreneurs  – both physically and experientially a world away from home. 

What I was hoping to do in my last blog posting for the SSE was to cover a variety of the “yays” or “nays” of the past month. However, since I have been quizzed all morning about the internship and my experience, I am going to format this post like one of those clichéd chain-letters that we all instantly delete out of our inboxes.  Enjoy!

What was the most enjoyable aspect of the internship?
Being able to work with a variety of the staff at the SSE and undertaking a variety of tasks really made the internship a truly dynamic experience and introduced me to a variety of different angles that one must look at in order to organise successful organisation.

What was the most memorable moment of the internship? 
Catering for the Working with Young People learning event with Cynthia and Matt and organising the rest of the event. Seeing the positive response from the event itself was also incredibly fulfilling.

What was the best UK word or phrase learned?
“You takin’ a mickey outta me?”

What was the greatest experience of the internship?
Shadowing Chief Executive Alastair Wilson to his meeting at the British Library and observe how he worked conversation, initiated a potential partnership, and balanced professionalism and personality in a formal setting.

What was the greatest experience of London?
The PriceWaterhouseCoopers pantomime.  Although I am not the biggest fan of Disney’s Snow White, I thought the pantomime was the complete package tying together every aspect of my experience here in London into one evening. It included everything from a social experience of seeing influential members of charities and organisations come together for an informal meet, greet, and network session, to an entertainment experience of watching PWC staff (accountants, receptionists and everything in between) put on a brilliant play for children and adults, to a learning experience seeing the importance and impact of CSR (corporate social responsibility) from both a marketing and business perspective.

Which was better, the front office or back office?
This could possibly get me in trouble… they both have their own benefits and atmospheres making for an enjoyable experience in their own unique ways.

Was the internship worth it? 
Without a doubt.

To those who read my blog postings, thank you for your interest, comments, and support.

To the SSE, St. Olaf College, and those that supported this endeavour:  Thank you for all of your time, help, and support in making this opportunity possible.

As I depart, I wish you all the best with your social entrepreneurial ventures and remember (as Nick Temple once told me) “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Nick Kang
SSE Intern

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