Patient involvement; requires patience

All I seem to have done recently is report on SSE Fellows and their successes/appearances in the media (indeed Dave "Intelligent Giving" Pitchford is on BBC London Breakfast this Saturday, I believe)….but it’s great to see so many of them really pushing their projects (and themselves) forward.

The latest article is about SSE Fellow David Gilbert in today’s Guardian. Entitled "It’s curtains for the NHS if it won’t act on patients’ views", the feature tells the story very much of David’s personal journey from his own experience of mental health/NHS through to his establishment of the NHS Centre for Involvement. A true tale of a social entrepreneur understanding the problem best through personal experience, working up a solution and then implementing it in such a way as it solves it for many people.

And also an example of how social entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) can help change the way the NHS and healthcare system works from within and without.

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