Mondragon and other stories…

The back(b)log has built up again, so a Friday round-up is in order:

– The Fellowship Ceremony last Wednesday which went really well; congrats to all involved; photos and video to follow soon

– whilst on the subject of Fellows, two more have e-mailed with news:
    – Michelle Baharier writes with news about her organisation’s (Cooltan Arts) new website, which was recently reviewed in 3rd sector magazine: check it out….
    – Nathalie McDermott writes about her organisation, On Road Media:

"On Road Media – is the UK’s first citizen media company set up to provide
training and access for marginalised and underrepresented groups in mainstream
and citizen media, or podcasting.  Our first radio documentary ‘Sareena’s
‘ will be aired next Monday 18th December on BBC Asian Network.  Sareena,
the citizen journalist, is 21 and applying to become a magistrate as part of a
scheme to encourage more ethnic minorities into the judicial system."

So check that out as well! More soon on more Fellows….interestingly, both Michelle and Nathalie were SSE Fellows before going on to get UnLtd Awards and then, recently, go to India on a learning journey. Good to see the way the social entrepreneurship support organisations can dovetail and interact for individuals as they progress.

SSE was privileged to be visited today by the Mondragon Innovation and Knowledge team; we have so much to learn in the UK from their experience as the biggest group of worker co-ops in the world (currently 82,000 employees) and everything they’ve learned along the way…will blog more in depth at a future date

– Check out the Hippo Water Roller via Springwise!

– Plenty of stuff on Muhammad Yunus receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

– News of a ‘bio-entrepreneur’ school, whatever that may be…

– the ICT Hub National Awards scheme (where is the blog award? ;0)

– a bit tangential, but a very interesting interview with Richard Florida..

More soon…..

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