It’s Friday, which means only one thing! Weekly social enterprise roundup time…

by David McGlashan

Here’s five bits and pieces that I’ve spotted this week that could be of interest to you.  Seen something that you think could be useful?  Pop me a tweet @schsocent or @davemcglashan and I’ll add it to the blog next week.

A fantastic resource of over 60 reports covering all aspects of the Social Investment Market, from organisations such as Unltd, Schwab Foundation, JP Morgan and Skoll.

Thanks to Aunnie Patton (@aunnie) for sharing!

If you’d like more of an introduction to Social Finance and what it means for you and your organsiation, we are running an ‘Unlocking Social Finance‘ workshop in London this September.

Oxford is the latest place to investigate a local currency to support local businesses, following Brixton, Bristol, Lewes and Totnes.  Further encouragement for a currency for the social enterprise sector?

A seminar about the government’s ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’ programme which will provide support to offenders serving short term sentences. It’s a massive opportunity for social enterprises and charities working in offender management and those supporting addiction, education, families and housing. The seminar will help organisations identify how and where they could engage with this programme and bid for contracts.

Unity Trust Bank and Bates Wells Braithwaite have put together this very handy guide to the Social Value Act for Pioneers Post.

If you are promoting your organisation via social media, Twitter have opened up their analytics to all users, making it much easier for you to track follower engagement.  This post from Techcrunch explains all you need to know.

This post is by SSE’s Enterprise Officer, David McGlashan. You can follow him on Twitter @davemcglashan

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