Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You – 16.05.14

by David McGlashan

Here’s your roundup of what’s been happening in social enterprise this week…

1. Unltd are hosting their ‘Living It’ Festival award at Google Campus.  It’s probably too late for today but at the time of writing their are tickets available for tomorrow (Saturday).

2. The always excellent David Floyd provides a detailed analysis of the future of social impact bonds in the wake of the Peterborough pilot ending.  His article definitely wins best title of the week: Silver bullet may work but existence of werewolves unproven.

3. SSE Fellow Helen Cotton was commissioned by RSA (one of SSE’s corporate supporters) to produce a film which explains how the relationship between the RSA, SSE and SSE students works.  It’s an excellent case study of a partnership in action – Watch it here and keep an eye out for a one day workshop we’re going to be running on working with corporates.

4. SSE Ontario has recruited students for its second Fellowship course and year one Fellow Verity Dimock went to meet them.

5. The Guardian and Nesta are searching for Britain’s 50 New Radicals – people, projects or organisations offering innovative solutions to social challenges.  Similarly, a triumvirate of Google, Nesta and Acevo are offering a £500,000 grant to four charities using technology to change the world in the ‘Google Impact Challenge‘.

6. SEUK launched ‘Social Saturday‘, taking place on Saturday 13th September.  Sounds like a good excuse to buy social and head to your local community owned pub!

7. Year Here are running an event for young Londoners next week ‘Beer Here Does Social Change‘.  They don’t define young, but I’m ruling out half the SSE staff because I don’t think they listen to shit hot beats. (Depeche Mode?  Alright granddad…*)

*please don’t fire me

8. Over on Pioneers Post, Isabelle De Grave took a look at 10 Striking Features of the Malaysian social enterprise landscape – it certainly doesn’t seem a million miles away from what’s happening in the UK.

9. A brilliant article in the Guardian about 100 year old Gus Bialick, who shares his living history with school children in London for Intergen, a project set up by SSE Fellow Norma Raynes.

10.  If you are in Liverpool over the next few weeks, check out the Dot Art Schools Exhibition at the Walker Gallery.

And finally….our next one day workshop at SSE London is Kickstart Your Social Media on June 14th.  It’s taking place on a Saturday so there’s no excuse not to come! (Unless the very fact that it is taking place on a Saturday is your excuse).


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