Craigsfoundation and grant proposal advice

Well, you learn something every day…and today’s is that Craigslist has a foundation which "produces events and online resources that help emerging nonprofit leaders". Don’t get too excited, it doesn’t do direct funding, and the events seem to be of most use if you are in the San Francisco area, but there’s plenty of stuff worth sifting through here, particularly (as you might expect from such an organisation) in the online resources.

The NonProfit Boot Camp Online is particularly good; obviously, US-focused, but still useful podcasts to download and listen to. There will be more coming, because there are two more ‘boot camps’ coming (see Britt Bravo on this, and the Foundation in general).

Britt also links to a post, via a Craigslist event, about the "10 Flaws That Doom Most Grant Proposals to Failure". It provides a useful checklist even for those with a huge pile of applications / investment proposals under our respective belts….

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