Cameron’s social enterprise zones part 3 (feedback)

I promise this blog will move away from the Tory proposals released this week, but thought I would just add some more stuff from various responses:

– the response to his article on the Guardian letters page: these discuss (paraphrasing wildly) big vs. small third sector orgs; inequality in the sector (more widely); support sector-related bills if you care so much…; you appear to have missed this great initiative, Mr Cameron; back to Victorian times, cloaked in Tory spin; welcome, but remember social enterprise and vol sector are intrinsically linked (that from NCVO); and Tory councils actions don’t match your words….

– Detailed sector response in Third Sector which includes the following:

– Social Enterprise Coalition saying social enterprises can operate anywhere, so why focus only in areas of deprivation
– Social Enterprise London agreeing, though saying that "Social enterprises form natural clusters where communities have had to look at innovative ways to improve local services"
Phil Hope, the minister, calling the proposals "uncosted gimmicks"

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