Meet our witness Jan Golding

Jan 1

A key part of our programmes are ‘Witness sessions’ when students hear from inspirational speakers (witnesses) who have first-hand experience of the issues our students are facing. Like witnesses in a law court they give testimony about what it’s really like to start and grow social organisations. Our Witnesses are some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs around who take time out of their very busy lives to help our social entrepreneurs.  We’d like you to meet them and be inspired!

Meet: Jan Golding, Founder RootsHR 

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Bear Grylls? Pah: Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You.


The SSE London team spent the day in a forest yesterday. We learned how to (sort of) start a fire, how to (sort of) walk like a fox and then we hunted a man playing a flute while we were blindfolded and barefoot in a forest. (Hmmm. I’m sure that it was chestnuts in the soup that we ate a lunchtime, but I might be wrong).

Huge thanks to SSE student Robert Fallon for hosting us at his project Wild Nature – highly recommended if you want to do some team building and pick up some survival skills.

Enjoy your weekend


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