Visiting SSE Liverpool at Blackburne House

Our CEO Alastair and myself visited Liverpool SSE yesterday, to deliver a couple of sessions and attend a meeting or two. The students also gave presentations about their projects, which was an inspiring and enjoyable hour…lots of laughs, and lots of amazing people. [NB: my session introduced them to the SSE extranet, so their profiles should be up soon here ]. Areas they are working in range from a garden centre on derelict land to capacity-building Muslim women to angling for disaffected youth to improving school attendance….and many more; a really diverse mix from all over Liverpool. Already, the cohort has a great feel to it, and the bonds and friendships were clear to see.

Blackburne House, which is the franchisee running the programme in Liverpool, is a fantastic venue for an SSE. And social enterprise and personal development run through its work like a stick of rock, making it a great partner and also a great source of inspiration for the students.

One little anecdote to illuminate the day, and the place. Our taxi to the station failed to turn up, and Sylvia (the programme manager) was trying to flag down a taxi. In the end, a local entrepreneur (who she didn’t know) called Steve offered to take us in his van, refusing any payment and giving us a concise summary about events in the city on the way. We made the train with time to spare, and in grateful return, here’s a plug for our impromptu cabbie’s business, Take A Flyer.

Chances of that happening in London? Slim to non-existent… :0)

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