US social entrepreneurship podcasts and SoCap08

Busy week this week, but will hopefully get to a round-up later. In passing, worth drawing attention to some audio-visual material. New(ish) podcasts:

– The BeBold podcast which is from US social entrepreneur support organisation Echoing Green, co-hosted by prolific non-profit blogger Britt Bravo

– Also the PRI social entrepreneurship programmes (19 of these), as funded by the Skoll Foundation, are now also available through iTunes; worth noting the Skoll Foundation blog (see previous link) where I got that news from….

Over on the other side of the pond, the big recent news (apart from that little McCain-Obama stuff) has been the SoCap 08 conference. There is something about the language (SoCap, "at the intersection of money and meaning") which slightly jars with a UK sensibility, but there's been some interesting content. And much of it has been blogged about or can be viewed online: see Matthew Bishop's keynote on his new book Philanthrocapitalism below for example (you can find the book in the SSE store, though it's not released here till mid-November, presumably to tie in with Global Entrepreneurship Week; I've added Just Another Emperor? The Myths and Realities of Philanthrocapitalism for balance)….Worth digging around the blogosphere to find more nuggets.See if you agree with Bishop's optimistic view of the current financial situation…and about the relationship between business and the social sphere.

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