Tuesday round-up: ClearlySo, CIC caps, Craig, credibility

So it's been a while since the last round-up, and much to catch up on….

– Matt Stevenson-Dodd asks if Blackpool might be the first Social Enterprise Town?

– There is a consultation about dividend and interest caps in relation to CICs; incidentally, Soc Ent Mag reports that the number of CICs are 'snowballing' at the moment…

– On the subject of legal structures (which we'll move swiftly on from), here's a piece on Triple Pundit about the L3C structure in the US

– Enjoyed this: "Why defining social entrepreneur is a waste of time", from which I could have pulled a load of quotes, but this was a highlight:

"Ultimately, I think we are focusing on the wrong part of this issue.
I don’t care if more people are becoming social entrepreneurs, or,
according to someone’s definition, falsely labeling themselves as such.
I want more participation because I want greater scrutiny. Greater
scrutiny (from credible institutions on the inside and the outside)
will lead to greater transparency and more effective evaluation of
companies in the sector overall.

I do not, however, think this filter should be applied on the
front-end by determining who can be called a social entrepreneur. We
should encourage broader adoption of the term-the broadest possible
adoption of the term, actually-and then focus on finding a way to
classify and evaluate social entrepreneurs according to outcomes."

– Check out the new version of SocialInvestments.com: ClearlySo, now packaged as an online marketplace for social business, enterprise and investment; nice new brand and layout too

– Lately on US blogs and sites, you can't move for mention of Jacqueline Novogratz's book, the Blue Sweater; the founder of Acumen Fund also features in an excerpt / video interview on McKinsey's website

– Nice start up social entrepreneur story: Polly Gowers at Everyclick

– We introduced PWC to SSE Fellow Roger Wilson-Hinds, and now they are making his Screenreader software available via their corporate website. Good news!

Recession support from ACEVO; recession resources from NACVA; beating the recession from Craig Dearden-Phillips

– Enough from Skoll World Forum already, but here's a couple of final things: some general round-ups, a great interview from Nat Whittemore, and the undoubted highlight of the event: the landmine-seeking rats

– Finally, my highlight recently was the SSE London graduation (OK, slightly biased). David Wilcox did some great snapshot video interviews; check out this one with Amanda Trought who uses art to work with dementia sufferers, and posts it online as a feedback loop to their carers:

Amanda Trought from David Wilcox on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday round-up: ClearlySo, CIC caps, Craig, credibility

  1. Yes – duly noted, Adrian. It’s not often I feel moved to congratulate someone for what they got up to in their bedroom…but seems (to a legal layman) to be good news. SEC did ask us our opinions on the earlier one as well, although I think the dividend cap will be a bigger issue for many.