Top 10 social entrepreneurship posts of 2008

I love a list, and there's no time like Xmas / New Year for lists. So here's the first of three: the top 10 posts of this blog in the past year. Hopefully you enjoyed these and, if you haven't, now you can.

1) Philanthrocapitalism and new clothes: showing what a buzzword and a bit of controversy can do, this was the top read post of the year. And now you can buy the book in the UK too (half price…).

2) Giant summer round-up: clearly you were all in dire need of information after the summer break…or maybe it was the mention of my impending nuptials? Photos not to follow.

3) Top 5 social entrepreneurship debates in the world ever: inward-looking, navel-gazing, but up at number 3 nonetheless.

4) Storytelling in the modern world: delighted that this was so widely read….best session at the Skoll Forum this year bar none.

5) Virtual social networking: a blessing or a curse?: takes me back to those days when just mentioning "Facebook for charity" could garner you a headline in Third Sector….

6) A sad way to start the week: a tribute to Sarah Dodds, this….and that it was well read demonstrates in part how many people miss her.

7) Friday round-up: Gates, Cotton, Black and Schwartz: there's been many a Friday round-up this year, but this name-dropping link frenzy was the most popular back in January….

8) Innovation brokers: necessary intermediaries? Perhaps proving that ending a blog post with a question mark is a route to success, or that social innovation is hotter than social entrepreneurship? Who knows…

9) Wednesday round-up link fest: Craig, CIC, Catalyst: no idea why this is up there….answers on a postcard / blog comment.

10) What is social enterprise? animation: a non-textual post rounds out the top 10; although even better was the dryest of comments from our former Norwegian-US intern Thor: "You know, in America we have something called digitalized animation, it
works pretty well. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie Shrek."

On that bombshell…

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